Wii U In 2013: All The Games Worth Getting Excited For

Wii U has plenty on offer for 2013 - NowGamer sifts through the best on Nintendo's new console, from Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to Project CARS.

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remanutd552090d ago

Do you guys think Nintendo will release the RPG game they showed a few days ago on nintendo direct this year? im pretty excited about that game.

SpoonyRedMage2090d ago

I suspect it will be early 2014 in Japan and mid 2014 in the west.

EddieNX 2090d ago

You never know really , they could very well announce at e3 that it's coming this year. Just wait and see.

Yodagamer2090d ago

Well considering xenoblade has been out for 2 and a half years in japan. They've probably been working this since then so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

--Onilink--2090d ago

well its been quite a while since xenoblade was finished, so they could easily have been working on this for 2-3 years (which might explain the huge difference in graphics compared to the quick ports we saw at launch) so im really inclined to an early 2014 Japan, Mid-End 2014 everyone else

aceitman2090d ago

a few games are coming out a hand full all others are tba , only looking forward to rayman and pikmin monter hunter not my thing , but where is everything else big launch , but a dry spell follows for months until e3 we will know more but that's it. :<

3-4-52090d ago

I would go with Feb 2014 on that...maybe even March 2014.

Mono could make a huge name for themselves...even bigger than now, if they ship with a really polished product. There wouldn't be many RPG's and the one there is would be good in xeno 2.

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DivineAssault 2090d ago

Jus raayman & bayonetta 2 for me

PopRocks3592090d ago

I would certainly like it if there was more content within the span of the entire year with confirmed release dates, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. I am thoroughly excited for Pikmin 3, Rayman, Aliens and Wind Waker Reborn right now.

Summons752090d ago

It is for me. Mh3, Pikmin, and batonetta sold me on the system but everything from the Nintendo direct made my purchase well worth the money. I still wanna see gameplay for smt x fe but smt being involved alone has my attention. Wind waker was a huge surprise and a welcomed one too.

Old McGroin2090d ago

Christ, did I just read that you can play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate directly on the Gamepad? Didn't know that. Ah well, there goes my life :(

C-Thunder2090d ago

You might have heard it, but last report was that you could not play on the gamepad. Hope I'm wrong or hope they changed it though.

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