[Mansbros] Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Retro Review

The time has finally come for the legendary 2D series to go 3D! With Tekken and Virtual Fighter gaining popularity, it was time for the series to step in to the next dimension. Capcom has given the developer, Arika, a tough task: create a game that is faithful to the series in 3D.

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9thWonder2090d ago

BRING BACK Kairi, Skullomania, Shadow Gheist, Allen, Volcano Rosso, Darun, Garuda, Cracker Jack FTW

d3nworth12090d ago

And dont forget Doctrine Dark. That guy was awesome.

ooquis2090d ago

Man this game was the best.....many many hours of my life gone into this one. Why isn't it available on psn???

josephayal2090d ago

perhaps my favorite is the Street Fighter EX series