Jimquisition: Breaking the Bones of Business

A new business model comes along, designed to attract gamers with interesting ideas and consumer-friendly pricing.

The old businesses latch onto it. The old businesses pervert it to suit their own miserable ends.

Free-to-play? Mobile gaming? DLC? All good ideas, at one time, now linked forever to some of the most consumer-detesting bullshit in the industry. This is what happens when the old guard see a fresh new body, and set about cracking its bones to form a twisted and terrible shape.

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MikeMyers2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

He's right, the greedy publishers will continue to pounce on the customer with the main incentive of making money, not pleasing the fan. This is only going to get worse, not better. That's why I have and will continue to be a big supporter of Valve/Steam.

zerocrossing2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

It's been progressively getting worse for a while now, Capcom, Square, activision and many other publishers/devs have been pushing their luck and people aren't going to be willing to stand for it much longer.

When you see big publishers like EA abusing free to play and DLC on AAA titles like Dead space 3 you have to think they've got some nerve, the amount of return they'll get for the hard copys alone is going to be staggering they have no excuse aside from wanting to screw over the user base to maximise their profits, I know that maximising profits is important for big businesses but they turn a blind eye to the gamers in favour of their shareholders, Im all for company's getting creative and giving us what we want and more for a small fee but its gone too far now and we are getting screwed over with micro transactions, monthly subscriptions and everything in between.


Yeah, that's a good point.

I didn't know that about Diablo 3, it all makes a bit more sense now.

Damn I must have missed that... Could you link it me that article if you're able?

MestreRothN4G2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

We don't even know how deep the sh*t will be on Dead Space, so it is not a good example for discussion.

I present you Diablo 3.

Dude, fans hate the game. That makes no difference. They made rivers of money from sales AND from the auction house.

What does it mean?

Auction house passed the test. Microtransations on an AAA title already is successful. There's no way back.

On disc DLCs, retailer exclusive preorder bonuses, online passes, download only games etc. It all passed the tests.

"No used games market" will pass the test. They have IGN, GameInformer and much more to aid them in the task: "bwaaaaaaaah gamers are entitleeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!! "

Yesterday I read the most intelligent question on N4G: "When core gamers will realize the industry is not about them anymore?"

The best times are over.

Kyosuke_Sanada2089d ago

I really hope the gaming industry has a new genesis and quick. Honestly, if this keeps up I am going to use my new console money for next generation to buying or upgrading my PC instead.

Trago13372089d ago

Why can't games now a days just be finished f*cking products?

I almost never buy games at launch, and wait for a "Complete" edition of a game, it's sad that we even have those >_>