Metal Gear Rising: The Cyborgs


'The first in a series of four videos showcases some of the enemies Raiden will encounter in the upcoming Metal Gear action game.'

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JohnApocalypse2833d ago

Are all the enemies cyborgs in this game? The announce ment trailer at the VGAs showed Radien fighting ordinary humans

yami9302833d ago

The enemies are all cyborgs yes, they are cyborgs in the VGA announcement trailer as well just the designs were not done, thats how they work around getting the game censored in Japan with the Zan Datsu cut anything system, having them all be cyborg.

SolidStoner2833d ago

This game is sooo not Metal Gear!

It should be called "Metal hack and slash" instead!

And does every good old game has to become an action game............

HiddenMission2833d ago


Actually it so is Metal Gear, even Kojima said it's canon.

You sound mad bro why so anti? I'm a long time MG fan since before the S was added to the series and this game is amazing.

If you played the demo you you know there are many and I do mean many nods to the previous entries. Codec is still in tact. Each of the new cast simply performs a function that others did in older titles like Borris is the new Campbell.

We also get several returning characters that have aged over the past four years like Sunny.

I would like to point out when everyone saw Raiden in part 4 fighting the Gekko's and Vamp they all wanted to play with him like that...guess what now we get to.

So I'm confused why "real MGS fans" and I use that term lightly like yourself hate on this game.

Is it because you think Platinum is doing the story because they are not Kojima Productions is.

Is it because it's over the top...last time I checked all of the previous MG games have had their over the top moments...but we loved those right?

You knock on it because it's a Hack N Slash but I guess you missed the part that the game actually give players more rewards for playing stealth like versus fighting your way through every confrontation.

It's "MG fans" like you who I don't believe even know anything about the title that make the rest of us look bad. The title simply adds to series and brings more gamers into MG community who might end up going back and play older titles to get more of the background.

If you were a real fan you would want more people to play this game and support the Metal Gear IP. If at the end of the day you still don't like the title then fine Ground Zeroes is coming so support that title but don't throw salt on MGRR just because it's not just another typical MG game...

yami9302833d ago

Comment I've posted way back:

-It has Metal Gear Characters from MGS2 and MGS4, as well as interesting new characters who fit in the universe well (Raiden, Sunny, and possibly others to be seen like the rumoured Solidus being referenced and possibly appearing, most likely through flashbacks)
-It has Metal Gear Units (such as the Ray and Gekkos)
-Takes place on the Metal Gear timeline and Universe (around 4 years after Metal Gear Solid 4)
-Kojima and his team are working on and overlooking development (they are involved basically %50+ with things such as cutscenes, script, using the original Rising art designs and characters, etc.)
-Its canon to the story and references past Metal Gear games and storyline (cyborg tech, Raidens past and Jack the Ripper persona, PMCS at war etc.)
-It has Metal Gear in the title
-Handled by 2 of the greatest Japanese developers
-It maintains Metal Gear HUD elements, symbols, Inventory look, items, open areas, codec, stealth, boss battles, sounds, Health Bar, etc.

If all these things together in one game don't make up a Metal Gear game, I guess I dont know what does. Of course, if you were to ask is this a real Metal Gear Solid title, it would be an obvious no (it is Metal Gear Rising), if thats what you are looking for, you have to wait until Ground Zeroes which I am also excited for.

giovonni2833d ago

I really like how this is turning out to be. I actually like the weak point detection slow motion aspect, The combat reminds me of a mixture of Ninja Gaden and God of War. I hope they change the button lay out of this game in my opinion they need to be revamped a little

DEEBO2833d ago

Hiddenmission hit right on the head.if you never played MGS4,you won't know how raiden became a cyborg.but if you did play it.then you know what the development team was going for with this raiden have to give the development team props for getting the gameplay that close to cutscene's from MGS4. even before raiden there was greyfox.if you're a fan of the MGS universe this should be a nobrainer.this is my feb game of the month and that's just from the demo.

gear2832d ago

this game is awesome!
atleast now there is a reason to like raiden which is different than snake.

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