GamesBeat: Serious Sam Double D XXL’s multiplayer is like insane sour cream (hands-on preview)

Last August, indie developer Mommy’s Best Games (Shoot 1UP, Weapon of Choice) released Serious Sam Double D, its side-scrolling entry to the trigger-happy action series, on PC. On February 20, it’s bringing the gun show to Xbox Live Arcade with Serious Sam Double D XXL, an updated version that adds new levels, weapons, and co-op multiplayer. Joining Sam on his quest to shoot everything in history is Dan “Huff” Huffington, a “squirrel jerky connoisseur” who shares our hero’s love of things that go “boom” and/or “pow.”

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NagaSotuva2823d ago

I'm a sucker for co-op... and double Ds.

Sadie21002823d ago

Just the name reminds me of that old BMX XXX game. I thought we were done with such immaturity in the biz.

TongkatAli2823d ago

Yeah, cause we all like to play serious shit all the time.

SybaRat2823d ago

MAN, I love me some insane sour cream!

Veneno2822d ago

Sounds like a Pringles flavor.

maniacmayhem2823d ago

Hands down the best ad promo for a game I have ever seen.
Damn near a "Go suck it Liberal gun banners" promo.
Graphics look kinda of cheap tho but I was never a big graphics whore, as long as the game is fun I'll peep it.