Crysis 3 | Meet The Real Michael 'Psycho' Sykes | PWNED January 2013

EA write:

'Crysis 3 features full-performance motion capture which is a first for Crytek.

Film and TV actor David Kennedy who currently plays the character Michael 'Psycho' Sykes in Crysis 3 speaks to Matt Cuttle about acting in the 'volume' -- the space in which the motion capture is recorded.

Unique to acting in a first-person game is that the actor playing the main character Prophet acts as the camera as he interacts with fellow actors. The actors perform around markers and scaffold poles and use storyboards and mock-ups for reference and speak to the director to help them understand the environment.

David quotes Crysis 3 director Steven Bender when he says that actors will still be integral to movies and video games as they raise the bar when performances are captured for animation in films such as Avatar.'

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2833d ago
stone_cold2833d ago

they work hard for Crysis 3

FrostyZipper2833d ago

Still on the fence where this is concerned. On the one hand some of the footage they've shown actually looks pretty promising. On the other hand, the memories of Crysis 2 are still pretty fresh...

Guess I'll wait to see what everyone else makes of it when it hits retail :/

pandehz2833d ago

Whatever happened to badass 'Psycho' with his nano suit?

RickHiggity2832d ago

We'll have to wait until the game comes out to see. Unless you mean the change in actor.

GearSkiN2833d ago

damn pretty much close to next gen, long way for that.