Lightning Returns Q&A With Kitase, Toriyama

At the recent Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII event, we were able to sit down with Kitase and Toriyama from Square Enix. We talked about the Lightning Saga coming to a close and the upcoming release of Lightning Returns.

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TheLyonKing2832d ago

I would end up asking why they are priortisaing trequels over new ips.

Ryatta2832d ago

Probably because a sequel.. even to an aweful game (which FFXIII wasn't in my opinion) of an established franchise is much less a risk then a new IP.

Plus were likely to see new IPs with the new generation of consoles as opposed to the tail end of this gen

Godmars2902832d ago

Money. Reusing resources, story, characters, graphics if not game mechanics, they figure they make more.

Nevermind that its ruined their reputation. That sales of the sequels are selling less than new IPs under their brand.

Axecution2832d ago

I keep seeing Lightning returns and thinking its talking about Metal Gear Rising Dx