The Wind Waker HD Already Available for Pre-Order

ZU writes:

We know we’re excited about The Wind Waker being in HD on Wii U, but this is a little unexpected. Although there’s no release date attached, GameStop is already taking pre-orders for the HD remake expected to be released later this year.

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metroid322861d ago

Wow that's just to rack up the most sales ? i'll support hmv.

TongkatAli2861d ago

This is going in my Wii U and its going in very hard, lol. XD my post sounds so wrong.

3-4-52861d ago

multiple times or just once?

linkenski2861d ago

*Eject* *push in* *eject* *push in*

That's how it's gonna be, and my Wii U's gonna like it that way!

ZoyosJD2861d ago

What's the problem? I was just at gamestop preordering some collectors editions the other day and the guy said you could preorder as soon as a game is announced. It may seem strange, but it makes business sense and they could always move credit around.

Summons752861d ago

Yeah, a reserve is nothing more than a note in the computer sayings hold copy of game for Joe Shmoe. I remember when I worked there during e3 right be for a press event the computers would update with reserves with the names withheld and as they were announced they would reveal the name and you could reserve on the spot. This isn't much of a surprise that it is already reservable.

tweet752861d ago

$59.99 is too much to pay for any 11 year old game that cost $50 at the time. The HD upgrades and gamepad support and other wii u features dont make it worth $59.99.

Dilldo_2861d ago

Dude it's not your average HD remake.. The graphics here is completely different

ElectricKaibutsu2861d ago

Let's see how much work they put into it first.

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