Xbox UK Boss Jabs PS3 Strategy

Xbox UK head Neil Thompson has fired more ammo in the war of words between Microsoft and Sony. Speaking in an interview with Next-Gen European media partner MCV, Xbox UK's senior director said, "Sony itself doesn't seem to be sure of what it's offering; they don't seem to think of PS3 as a games console."

The remarks are, in part, a well-worn criticism of Sony's decision to offer a games machine with blu-ray movie playback capabilities.

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achira6265d ago

have they another better point as that the ps3 can do more thing as the xbox360 ? i mean i am happy that it can play movies. noone is so silly to say that the ps3 is not for games, it is for games and more! when ms is so about gaming, why do they release a hd-dvd movie player ? i mean blue-ray can be used for games, hd-dvd addon not, so who does not care about games, its ms, they only care about not have less features than sony has, but they fail! sony has a all in one packet, and its perfect!

bullet6265d ago

achira said "noone is so silly to say that the ps3 is not for games"

CEO Ken Kutaragi said in a June interview with PC Watch, "Speaking about the PS3, we never said we will release a game console," adding that it "is clearly a computer." Kenny K is pretty silly achira;)

HaHa6265d ago

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THAMMER16265d ago

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THAMMER16265d ago

I'm a 360 owner and a gamer first. And the inclusion of the BR drive in the PS3 is the only thing besides the thing being so expensive and hard to develop for to delay it. Even if it was to crush the 360 I would still rather it not have the BR drive.
1. It would not be so expensive.
2. It would be here already so we would know more of what it is about.
3. If Blue Ray tanks we wont be stuck with $600.00 paperweights.
Any one who denies that Sony is getting ahead of them self with the price and the choice of including
BR in the PS3 is a fan boy. I enjoyed the PS1 and still enjoy the PS2 but out of 5 console generations I have never seen a console over $500.00 make it. If they make it past 2 – 3 years I might buy one.

bilal6265d ago

1. it would only be 100$ less expensive atmost...sony would never release ps3 for less than 360... they want to make maximum profits...
so it would not have been a suprise if ps3 was sold at higher price without the blue-ray...
2. it would not be here early except for europe..except probably in more quantities...cell has a very low yield rate..
3. if the blue ray tanks ps3 would still be worth more than 600$ because of all the games and it has a dvd drive....i.e. ps3 not paperweight without blue-ray..

on the other hand if blue ray succeeds....
and some time later the cost for playing truly high def games would be much less on ps3 than on 360 (it is still less on ps3 than on 360 but not many take advantage of that)...
also its 600$ for next five years of great entertainment... how u people can be so short sighted...it is not like you would buy a ps3 play it for a day and thats all...
those 600$ would last for atleast 5-6 years...