Hidetaka Miyazaki on stepping away from Dark Souls II and the future of the series

EDGE: "Hidetaka Miyazaki, the godfather of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, is clicking his ballpoint pen repeatedly. He’s sitting across the table from us, wearing his trademark casual navy blue jacket over a buttoned-down shirt. His hair looks slightly more dishevelled than usual, hanging noticeably limply across his forehead. The atmosphere in the room has grown suddenly charged. The virtuosic young Japanese game designer has dropped a bombshell."

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Hellsvacancy2832d ago

"When asked about his new full-time role, Miyazaki mentions that he’s working on a new title as director, but when we ask if it’s a new IP he simply laughs and replies, “Sorry, I can’t answer that"

NYC_Gamer2832d ago

It could be another King's Field

Blacktric2832d ago

"Demon's Souls II...."

"It could be another King's Field"

Hey I'm totally fine with either one of them. Hell, I'd even take another Shadow Tower game.

zerocrossing2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I don't like this...

I feel that Dark Souls II will inevitably suffer due to the dev team change over, the running trend in the industry lately is to alter well established franchises in order to make them more accessible, that has already been stated as one of the reasons a new team is handling it now and it just hasn't worked out well for many franchises.

They may perk the interest of some gamers who hadn't been interested in the Souls series previously but almost always comes at the expense of the original fanbase.

Roccetarius2832d ago

Which is why i'm worried about Dark Souls 2 as well.

Nate-Dog2832d ago

I concur. Before it was even announced I was worried when From Software talked about making the series more accessible (I think this was in an interview just before Artorias DLC came out) and with the comments made since then (and the fact that they're making a direct sequel too) has worried me. I'm actually more worried than interested in the title considering what I expect will happen.

MEsoJD2832d ago

Look up the 4Gamer interview, it's pretty reassuring.

Blacktric2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The EDGE article mentioned something about restricting player freedom at the beginning of the game (words of one of the new directors (Monster Hunter guy I think)). Which can simply mean that we won't have the freedom to go wherever we want at the beginning of the game after tutorial ends unlike in Dark Souls. And I'll be honest here, I loved that freedom and that's why I always picked the Master Key as my starting gift (to get to Blighttown early to farm for shards in swamp or to get the Cloranthy Ring). And this is why I'm mainly worried about the game. Everyone already knows that there are wikis out there that tells you what to do or where to go to progress in the game or get a better weapon, which to me is the same thing as restricting player freedom and telling them where to go at the beginning. I mean what is the point of this restriction? People who are new to Dark Souls will always have the ability to check a wiki or a walkthrough and by removing the freedom to explore at the beginning, they are literally just killing the choices long time players have at the beginning of the game and thus killing the replayability...

And everyone knows that beginning parts of the Souls game are the best!

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specialguest2832d ago

What ever Miyazaki moves on to, his name is now established in my book and I'll look forward to it.

ThyMagicSword2832d ago

Very sceptical with what I have seen of Dark Souls 2 so far. The game seems to get more cinematic, they seem to give much more weight to the cinematic aspect of the game. The design is questionable too, when the woman appears or those masked "warriors", it does not match too much with demons or dark souls "design" of storytelling or enemy-design, where the creatures look more cryptic and scary. They are trying too hard to reach some mass appeal, they do not seem to care about the already established fanbase. In time we will see how it really turns out, while I remain sceptical.

MooseyXTC2832d ago

Didn't this article come out ages ago?

BLUElightCory2832d ago

It did, I think right after the reveal at the VGAs.