GameSpy: Dark Sector Multiplayer Preview

Dark Sector has nearly reached the light, with publisher D3 showing off the game's multiplayer modes at this year's GDC. GameSpy got to play both of Dark Sector's multiplayer modes, Infection and Epidemic, at D3's event. They're definitely fun additions to the game, letting players play both stalker and target, though GameSpy don't see themselves being torn from CoD4 anytime soon.

Spiffy: Multiplayer complements game's mood; being "it" is a thrill; great moodiness.

Iffy: Multiplayer feels somewhat tacked-on; movement too slow; simplistic spawn system.

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vitaminjayz3975d ago

i didnt even give this a 2nd look then my m,8 mentioned it and more i see the more i like ,i will be keeping an eye on this one ...