DICE is porting Frostbite to Mac

DICE is building Mac OS X compatibility into future versions of its Frostbite engine, a job ad for the company has revealed.

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TheGamerDood2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Dude...awesome news! Go OSX/Mac! :P

DaThreats2822d ago

Finally, they stopped ignoring a huge potential fanbase and became wise.

DeadlyFire2822d ago

EA in general over past few years seem to be pushing for PC/Mac for more of its games. Now with Frostbite 2 at the core of EA development and possibly coming to Mac it means alot for their upcoming franchises possibly coming to Mac as well.

I wouldn't count out Linux possibly in the future for Frostbite 2 as well. If they are putting their title on say Steambox console. Its said to be based on Linux so games will likely be set for that.

Lots of potential for games to be more modular than ever with way tech is spreading.

zme-ul2822d ago

since is NIX, they can port it to Linux also

BattleAxe2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

If more game developers did this, we would see Microsoft gradually lose their monopoly with Windows, which would be great for consumers.

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