Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review |

Tobias Henry writes "We’ve had some disappointing Japanese RPGs in the last few years, from big budget duds like Final Fantasy XIII to a list of underwhelming niche titles."

"Ni No Kuni is an exception."

"Its story avoids the usual clichés, the Studio Ghibli art is irresistible, the soundtrack is fantastic and the gameplay is often smart and inventive."

"There are periods where the drag and grind of the genre creeps in, but these aren’t as long or as severe as in other games."

"Not everyone will like the cartoon style, the quirky creature design or the nature of the action, but like Studio Ghibli’s best films this game can resonate with a wide audience."

"Younger gamers will love the story and the can-do attitude, while older ones will appreciate the depth of gameplay and the sense of exploration."

"It might not be perfect, but this is a brilliant Japanese RPG."

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Nice summary. . .might as well post the entire review on there.