411: Shiren the Wanderer DS Developer Interview interviews Chunsoft, the developer of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. The interview covers these topics: how the DS version started, the difficulty of the Shiren series, the characters and gameplay, the dungeons, and the rescue system.

The developers being interviewed are:

Hironori Ishigami - Director
Seiichiro Nagahata - Planner and supervisor
Hiroyoshi Umetani - Main planner and game balance designer
Shin-ichiro Tomie - Scenario and events designer
Emiko Tanaka - Presentation and scenario assistance
Masayasu Yamamoto - Dungeon programmer

Notes: 411mania has mistakenly titled the interview as for a Pokemon game. Chunsoft developed both "Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer" and "Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2" for the DS. 411mania must have confused between the two games. This interview has nothing to do with the Pokemon game.


411mania did NOT conduct this interview. Sega did this interview internally. 411mania republished it without noting or giving credit to the original source.

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