Eight Days Intel: New leaked Screenshots + E3 06' information.

"First thing's first: The title the BBC reporter saw was a new Tears of Blood game, not Magna Carta or a remake of that title. (That's a misunderstanding on my part.)

Second order of business has to do with the E306 video we saw about 2 years ago."

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longduckdong3886d ago

I remember reading an article with the guy that created God of War. I forget his name, but he always use cuss words. And he said in interview that he was really impressed with a game called 8 days. That was well over year ago the article with that guy. And he made God of War so maybe this game is better than Killzone 2. But if Killzone 2 is not best game of year then why do we need powerful consoles?

sonarus3886d ago

you are talking about david jaffe. 8 days always looked fantastic but the skeptics doubted it as in game. PS3 is really raising the bar if that trailer was in game. I hope the black dude is Marcellus Wallace aka Ving Rhames sure does look like him

Skerj3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

He actually looks like Erik King/Sergeant James Doakes from Dexter.

KidMakeshift3886d ago

It's actually Jaleel White's comeback, lol

"got any cheese"

Urkel with a vengeance

Skerj3886d ago

He must never be allowed to come back after Urkel-O's: (awesome site btw).
Let's stop him before he destroys us all *grabs shotgun*.

KidMakeshift3886d ago

OMG that looks delicious... and nutritious

Skerj3886d ago

Apparently they are, and they're eternal but that still doesn't excuse the pose on the box.

ScentlessApprentice73886d ago

That was a blatant attempt at trying to upstage Mr. T and his cereal: Mr. T-O's.


KidMakeshift3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Urkel-O's are almost as cool as Trump steaks

When I think of quality meat I think of Sharper Image

Now we just need Rosie O'Donalds "Thirsty Pad" tampons sold exclusively at Home Depot

Mainman3886d ago

This game is definately better than KZ2. I am really hyped over this game, ever since that rumor news was posted yesterday about this game.
Can't wait.

actas1233885d ago

This is an old video. Didn't you ppl see the gamespot tag on the lower right corner.
This game will be awesome but P3informer FAiled.

zane_78493885d ago

Why are people trying to make this into Eight Days Vs. Killzone 2? If they were on opposing consoles and had a similar theme, setting or gameplay type it would be much more understandable.

The facts are everything that has been shown so far on Killzone 2 looks amazing. And the little bit we have seen about Eight Days looks amazing too. That's it. You don't have to pick one or the other to like, PS3 doesn't need just one game to stand up and show it off. That's never been the strength of the Playstation consoles, the strength has always been tons of varied, excellent games.

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TheHater3886d ago

And this is suppose to be a second generation ps3 game? How will ps3 games look like in two to three years from now? It insane to even think about it

KidMakeshift3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

it'll be Tron like

pwnsause3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

i can tell you one thing about this, if the time of day changes based on our time, then Kutaragi truely delivered with the PS3, his statements about CGI like gaming and 4-D graphics got mocked by idiots that dont even know how to make these things work, now they are shutting their mouths now.

Skerj3886d ago

If all of this comes to pass, you truly are correct sir. They actually delivered on the PS2 promises, Silent Hill 3 and 4 looked better than the FFVIII CG.

chewjya3886d ago

ya crazy ken is right after all!!! He needs to come back and help organize and lead ps4.

xhi43886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

This title is first gen for PS3, (first title by this developer for the ps3 for those that are a little slow on the uptake :P).......imagine what a year or even two will bring us!

I'm so happy i bought a ps3!!!! WEEEEEE =D

Uncharted on ps3 was Naughty Dog's first gen title on the ps3 as well, nobody has been able to beat that graphically.

2008 = Year of the Sony

8 Days, Resistance 2, The Getaway 3, Gran Turismo 5, War Devil, Little big planet, Tekken 6, MGS4, Final Fantasy XII, INfamous (and 5 other unnanounced games) to name a FEW vs. ninja gaiden 2, gears of war 2, pgr5? and Lost Odossey to name a lot.

Wonder which will win?

Genki3886d ago

why do so many people feel the need to claim "2007 is the year of this, 2008 is the year of that!"

That just reeks of insecurity to me, as if you all have to keep reminding yourselves of that, like you don't genuinely believe it or something.

Really, just play your games and enjoy them, who gives a sh*t about this versus crap. The media will perpetuate that crap throughout the duration of the year, believe me.

It gets to me because I'd bet a dime to a dollar that half of the games you folks quote as being the god of all games, you probably won't play them. It's one big, pointless, p*ssing contest.

I'm a PS3 fan and owner myself too, but this crap is just ridiculous.

Douche3886d ago

Your entire post "reeks" of insecurity bud. What's your deal?

BobDog3886d ago

it all just looked so realtic, except for the bullet physics, but it was beutifull

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