What The MGS4 PS3 Bundle Box Art Should Have Looked Like

Via Ripten:

"After seeing the official box art revealed earlier today, I thought long and hard about comments made regarding its appearance. One in particular stated that it may have been a better idea to make the bundle look more like the infamous box found in the Metal Gear Solid game itself. You know -- the one with the words "the orange" plastered on the outside. So I busted out my trusty Photoshop application and went to work."

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Twizlex3886d ago

Wait... isn't that picture what it DOES look like?

Cutter203886d ago

The nice thing is that you can also use this box as camouflage.

Nostradavis3886d ago

This is funny. How has this not been approved yet -- oh thats right, it's 3am.

Fishy Fingers3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Pretty cool idea, not so great if you want to sell it to someone who hasnt played the previous MGS games...

....£400 for some Orange's??!? damn government...

HeartlesskizZ3886d ago

lol you had me laughing for a wile there, kool joke!!!

The Box is as much as important as CqC....

If you play MGO on ps2 you know how that Orange Box was so affective for Stun nades and Hiding for Survival =D

Fishy Fingers3886d ago

Oh i know how important it "was", the MGS box is up there with the weighted companion cube in my list of "love for inanimate objects".

ps360s3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

also camouflage from getting your PS3 robbed by some thiefs ;)

walks out of the store with a brand new spanking Ps3

"oh crap a bunch of people standing with hoods up"

"quick put the box down"

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The story is too old to be commented.