Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita will feature Trophy support


Phantasy Star Online 2 will be the first free-to-play title on the PlayStation Vita to feature Trophy support; both Samurai & Dragons and Sony’s Minna to Issho: Friend Network (the only two free-to-play games on the Vita at the moment) did not include Trophies.

This wee bit of PSO2 info was revealed yesterday at Sega’s Samurai & Dragons Fan Meeting 2013 event, where the game’s producer Satoshi Sakai showed off a “complete” extended version of the PSO2 Vita launch trailer shared on the Net several weeks ago.

On top of Trophies support, the extended trailer also mentioned three more features exclusive to the PS Vita version:

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SandWitch2828d ago

It's not the first F2P game on VITA that has trophies. Ecolibrium, TOM Blitz, Travel Bugs, Wake-up Club and Colors are all free and support trophies.

g-nome2828d ago

And the best free game of all Jetpack Joyride has trophies too.

TENTONGUN2827d ago

is jetpack acually a good game?

Jobesy2827d ago

@ TENTONGUN, it's your basic addicting as hell smartphone type of game. It's FREE so one can't complain.

Froakie2828d ago

Is this game gonna be released in Europe/US?

Snookies122828d ago

They said it should be, but no idea when that will be happening...

Tei7772827d ago

They said will and it will still be free to play. Seeing as its an MMO I expect localisation to take some time. I Assume a Q3/4 western release is probably what we'll see

TuxedoMoon2827d ago

I really wish this game was also on the ps3. I really liked PSU for allowing ps2 and PC connectivity.

TM3332827d ago

I agree. I think it's awesome the game's coming to Vita, but it just seems silly to not have it on big consoles too. Although, that's not holding me back from currently enjoying the game on my PC.

jtenma2827d ago

It will release on ps4 and "xbox720". Watch, I bet it will.

They'd want to position it as a launch title early on to maximize awareness as one of the first big F2P titles on next-gen consoles.

With the engine (from what I played on the pc version) being as scalable as it is, I see this working out really well.

...and I also cant think of a better reason as to what could possibly possess SEGA to come to the conclusion it was a good idea not to release on current big consoles.

EddieNX 2827d ago

This is a must buy for me. PSO episode 1 and 2 are one of my favorite games ever.

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