The Cave reviewed: Sadly, not as deep as a cave should be (

The Cave is a beautifully presented, side-scrolling puzzle game about seven characters delving into the depths of a sentient, talking cave, hoping to discover what would happen should their deepest, darkest desire ever be fulfilled. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses three of these characters for their unique abilities, in what appears to be a Lost Vikings-style character-switching puzzle/adventure with a tantalisingly dark flavour. Unfortunately, the early promise of The Cave is undermined (pun intended) by an odd design choice, lacklustre platforming, and interminable backtracking.

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ziggurcat2827d ago

i dunno, i'm really enjoying this game....

aceitman2827d ago

I am too its a puzzle with a twist and keep u trying to remember the things u see as u go along to put things together.

2827d ago
SCW19822827d ago

It was an awesome 4 hour ride my first play through. Love the Hillbillies carnaval.