God of War PSP: Really, Really Short

Here's Game|Life editor Chris Kohler's God of War: Chains of Olympus clear time. (You can view the full screenshot at Game|Life.) You can add on roughly another half an hour to this, as Chris played the first half of the game on a preview disc and then had to start again on the review code.

But even then, Chains of Olympus is still really short at just under five hours. Chris would be a little more forgiving of this if the game was jam-packed full of holy-shit moments like previous God of War games, but it just isn't.

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Brian52474897d ago

The game is awesome. Go play some Nintendogs.

Jeanne4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Chris Kohler, the guy who wrote this, is a miserable person who despises Sony. He regularly is found trolling PS3 threads on various forums on the Net.

KidMakeshift4897d ago

Unlike Ratchet, size doesn't matter to Kratos, lol

jiinn4897d ago


Does that change the fact that the game is less than 5 hours long?

wow4u4897d ago

Did this guy write the game? Is he responsible for it being super-short?

Dont attack the messenger.

Orange4897d ago

Just look at the metacritic rating... 11 reviews, all above *90* with an average of *94*. if the game length is an issue...i.e., if it wasn't suitably balanced with holy sh!t moments, than the game would be scored down.

Look at Heavenly Sword. There were some lovely things about that game, but the reviewers scored it way down because of its short playing time.

gaffyh4897d ago

Whatever the length of this game, it is a must have title for the PSP. Plus this guy played it on normal, if you want a longer playtime just play it on hard.

qohelet4896d ago

anyway, how many of us are actually going to pay to play this game?
honestly guys?

Daishi4896d ago

I'll be picking it up at launch. If you play the game for 5 hours straight then it's too short, but I'll play it an hour a day on my lunch stretching it out to 5 days.

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wageslave4897d ago

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this is lame. So who give a f**k if the game is show? it one of the best handheld games out there
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Is it not news? Im sure this crew would approve any story that was anti-MS.


foodbox4897d ago

Indeed. I lingered here for a long time before I created my account. And, this is exactly the kind of story this place loves.

wageslave4897d ago

maybe this is like a championship player? Maybe not too...

SRuN44897d ago

So? For a game on the PSP that looks that good, I think it's a fair trade off. Plus that's like what, 2 hours shorter than Call of Duty 4?

TheHater4897d ago

it is actually call of duty 4 was 7 second shorter...well for me at least. Considering that i beat that game on normal in 4 hours and 19 minutes.

ktchong4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Call of Duty has MULTIPLAYER. You get back your money worth on the multiplayer.

Does this 5-hour $40 game have multiplayer?

You know, if you go watch two movies (= 5 hours), you'll spend only half as much.

m91058264897d ago

Yes, but the tradeoff I get by not playing multiplayer is not having to be online with pretentious d-bags like you... that's worth 5 hours and $40 to me anyway.