Pre-order Pokemon X/Y

NE: "We’ve got a long ways to go before the arrival of Pokemon X/Y, but Amazon has already opened up pre-orders. Both are available for the standard 3DS price tag of $39.99."

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Manchild2400d ago

Pokemon XY best 3DS game ^_^

Summons752400d ago

I wish they would give details about gen 6 Pokemon and the new region and other stuff about the game.

UltraVegito2400d ago

It's only been a few weeks man be patient.

In time details will come :)

Getting a 3ds just for that game *-*

EddieNX 2400d ago

Expect an E3 detail blow out and/or a Nintendo Direct discussing the details more in depth.

Game looks incredible though. This is my most anticipated game of 2013 along with GTAV and Pikmin 3.

Karpetburnz2400d ago

Im gonna have to upgrade to the 3DS to play this game.

It looks like a big step up from the previous generation, And i like how the Pokemon arnt so pixelated like the previous games.

PhoenixRising372400d ago

oh yeah i'll preorder. don't worry about that.