Why All Gamers Need HDTVs takes a look at the benefits of HD to online gaming with COD4 as an example. Conclusion: If you don't already own an HDTV, start saving...

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sak5003981d ago

NOt read the article but I believe the clarity and bigger and wider size of image on screen really helps picking out the enemies. I love me 50" HDTV :)

marinelife93981d ago

And if you pickup an HDTV you might as well buy a PS3 so you can watch hi-def Blu Ray movies on it. Why watch standard DVD's on an HDTV when you can enjoy the crystal clarity of Blu-Ray.

Fux4Bux3981d ago

Yeah big ones are getting really cheap and you can get a 22" computer monitor with HDMI that'll do over 720p for like $200. There's really absolutely no excuse not to have one.

ar3981d ago

...if your going for a big screen or sits fairly close to it. You will hardly benefit from HD on a 32" with 4m of viewing distance. On the other hand. If your planing to buy a new tv to day, god luck finding one that isn't HD. You will hardly save anything buying an SD tv (if you can find one).

Jeebs3981d ago

I just read the article, and yeah, I agree with it only because I just got my HDTV over the weekend.

Before: I work at a restaurant/bar, and bought one of their 27" CRT TVs that they had above the bar. At 10yrs old, and with it being on 10~16 hours a day, the picture was blurry. But being a student, spending $50 to go from a 21" (new) tv to a 27" is always nice, despite the blurriness. I've been using this TV for the past 1.5 years, including my PS3 needs.

After: One of my bosses was contemplating getting a 50" plasma, so I offered $600 for his TV, a 32" Samsung HDTV. I finally got it 2 nights ago, and bought an HDMI cable last night. Taking COD4 as an example (as I play this game a lot), it was incredible. The sharpness of the picture was incredible. I really could peg off snipers off at a distance with my assault rifle (I seriously noticed this within the first few minutes of online gameplay).

I'll be getting my copy of NHL 08 back soon from my sister, and one of the reasons I lent it to her (for her fiancee) was because I couldn't read any of the text in the game due to the CRT TV.

BUT, as nice as HDTV is, upgrading to a HDTV rig can be pricey, and even as a student, I stretched my pockets. Although it was worth the penny-pinching price I paid, HDTVs are still a luxory item.

I do recommend to all CRT-users to get a HDTV, but if it means spending cash you don't have (ie. a credit card), I'd suggest you save up until you can afford a decent size TV. Otherwise, I'd really recommend getting alternatives, such as Team xTender's 1080p VGA box, which allows you to hook up your PS3/360 to your computer monitor via component cables. It's a cheap ($60~70) alternative until you have some extra spending cash to get a nice TV.

name3981d ago

I heart the ghillie suit.

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The story is too old to be commented.