Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack Video Tour: All 5 Maps, Zombies, and the New Weapon | GameVerb

Take a video tour of the 5 new maps, the new zombies vs humans mode, and the new weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Revolution Map Pack. GameVerb talks about the competitive multiplayer maps, which include Downhill, Mirage, Grind, and Hydro. If you're more into zombies, then Die Rise will be your new online map for quite some time. Playing as a zombie doesn't hurt the map pack's chances either, as you'll be able to prey upon real human players in the new zombies vs humans mode. Plus, lock and load with the Peacekeeper SMG, a brand new weapon included in the Revolution Map Pack.

The Revolution Map Pack will be available on January 29th.

Well, it looks to be easily the grandest Call of Duty map pack to date. What do you think of the maps and the ability to finally play as zombies vs humans?

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BX812861d ago

Congrats on having the ability to take someone's video and add your lisp!

3-4-52861d ago

He doesn't have a lisp but just a weird accent.

He has an Australian + Texas / American accent.

I'm guessing he's a transplant.

2861d ago
Tctczach2861d ago

This guys voice is awful. Weeewooooweeeewooo

the_eddster2861d ago

Please someone tell me the accent! Its really annoying.

KnightRobby2861d ago

I'm always excited to see snow back in Call of Duty. Loved their snow maps in Black Ops. And I am also a big fan of China's architecture.

2861d ago
HoustonTexaz7132861d ago

Looks Fun wat bout jungle maps that woul be kool

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