‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ Preview: A Bombastic Departure | StickSkills

StickSkills said, "Whether you hate the idea or love it, the Metal Gear series is taking a brief path down the hack ‘n slash road. Traditionally a stealth/action series, the latest installment – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – is being developed by Platinum Games and will be focusing on the perspective of Raiden, a once relatively helpless (and many argue, quite whiny) character who showed prevalence in MGS2 and then again in MGS4. As shown in MGS4, Raiden has equipped himself with cybernetic enhancements that increase his physical, combat and style performance. This time, Raiden is taking on a new terrorist threat toting evermore bombastic technological threats that the series is known for."

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LightofDarkness2828d ago

You think this game is pretentious? Or given to rhetoric?

People usually use "bombastic" to describe meandering, trite political ramblings. It would be stretch to use it to describe some thing that is "fantastical" or over-the-top.

RyuX192827d ago

I think he meant it as fantastical or over-the-top, I guess a lot of us don't know what bombastic means cause I described the Jack the Ripper trailer as bombastic but in an awesome and over-the-top way when I first saw it lol.

I guess I need to break out the thesaurus to find more synonyms for awesome.