Itagaki once again hints at Ninja Gaiden 2

"My home base is the Xbox 360".....Itagaki says that after he finishes Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, "my next game is going to be what everyone's expecting."

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DC RID3R6400d ago

respect to Itagaki san. a true LEADER, not FOLLOWER like MOST japanese devs!!!!
the REAL ninja gaiden is heading 360's way.


calderra6400d ago

You mean by cranking out tons of sequels and add-ons (DoaUltimate) that have about as much innovation between games as Madden? Well, then yes, Itagaki is certainly a leader.

Coming soon:
-Final Fantasy 13 in three different installments (verus and... ummm two others?).
-Metal Gear Solid 4, where Snake now dying from old age!
-Resident Evil 600DX Super Agent Monkey Ball Cardcaptor Sakura Super Kawaii(^_^) edition Extreme II, featuring the exact same 4 zombies for 50 hours of gameplay AGAIN.
-Devil May Cry 4billion starring Dante's lovechild.

...you get the idea.

m236400d ago

i knew it even though it was pretty obvious to begin with

Daytona6400d ago

I'm glad that ps3 just gets a dressed up xbox port, while we'll be geting a true next gen. version, made exclusivley for the power of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.

power of Green 6400d ago

Knew this months ago i read it somewhere also it's been on the IGN 360 release dates list for many months.

f1r3waII K1LL3r6400d ago

please just make an offical announcement already Itagaki.

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CrimsonWing6918h ago

I’d give it to 8, but whatevs.

mastershredder9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Ew VO actors and their cringe core. Fiverr voice actors could out perform this chump.


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