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One of the games I picked up last Christmas was Binary Domain, which I talked about earlier on the site. In Binary Domain’s universe, robots have become so advanced that a clause in the New Geneva Convention was made to prohibit the creation of robots that looked like humans. Apparently the porn industry isn’t as powerful in the future as it is today. If they can get us the internet and Blu-Rays then why can’t they get us robots that can pass as humans? Anyway, the Amada corporation in Japan has been accused of breaking the treaty. The twist, though, is that Amada’s robots (called Hollow Children) think that they’re human. Like a Republican, except more competent.

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caseh2831d ago

*SPOILER ARTICLE* Didn't really get the point of this article really but as a heads up for anyone who hasn't played what is genuinely a great game avoid reading this article as it just waffles aimlessly and details the entire plot including the ending.

NorbertJr2830d ago

I'm just talking about the things in the game that stand out to me or I thought were funny.

BakedGoods2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I heard this was a sleeper hit last year (this and Spec Ops). I might have to check it out.