Monolith Soft Has Proven It’s The New Squaresoft

GR writes: "We've grown accustomed to seeing RPGs announced with awesome trailers that are composed completely of cutscenes, but here was something that was practically tangible. The visuals were excellent, the landscapes were expansive, and the combat appeared exciting. It was almost as if it was too good to be true—a quick pinch of the forearm revealed that I wasn’t dreaming after all."

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KingKelloggTheWH2833d ago

"Monolith Soft Has Proven It’s The New Squaresoft"Monolith is great and all but no..just no

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StraightPath2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

xenoblade chronicles best jprg this whole generation. destroys anything square enix has made this entire gen, heck nothing even stands against it

92% metacritic.

Kur02833d ago

Persona 4 is the best JRPG this generation.

Bimkoblerutso2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Persona 4 is not of this generation....

One of my favorite games ever, but still not of this generation.

MaxXAttaxX2832d ago

The original Persona 4 came out in 2008. 2 to 3 years after the new generation started. And it's technically around the same level of the Wii, which people consider current gen.
Or even better, how about Persona 4 Golden.

Bimkoblerutso2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Generally when people refer to "generations" they are referring to console generations, not years.

And though Golden is an excellent re-release, it's still a re-release, in my opinion. Though I'll admit that I see where people are coming from on that front. They did add a LOT of content.

MaxXAttaxX2832d ago

Yeah and they did revamp the graphics too.
But I was just counting it since it was released into the new generation time frame, regardless of the console it was on.

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OmegaSlayer2833d ago

LOLOL, with a trailer?
I heard great things about Xenoblade and this X trailer looks VERY good and Square-Enix is not what it used to be but...seriously...with just a trailer?
Nintendo fanboys are getting desperate these days.
They're the worse fanboys I have seen, seriously.

deafdani2833d ago

I'm a Nintendo fanboy, and I think this article is ridiculous, just like you. Don't throw all of us in the same sack.

There's nothing wrong with being a fanboy, unless you're just a closed-minded fanboy... and those are ALL awful, no matter if they're on Microsoft, NIntendo or Sony's camp.

blackbeld2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


Agreed not all fanboys are the same.

Kingofwiiu get way out of control he is loosing himself.


One X trailer tels already 80% it will be better then any Square-Enix FF13 or what ever with Lightning game.

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CatXFlash2833d ago

Why defend such a crappy dev? until the day they give us what we want they will forever be considered a hollow shell of its past.

Have you heard of All The Bravest? ... yeah try defending them now.

neogeo2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Xenoblade is the best RPG made EVER. All other RPGs get smashed under it going all the way back to FF7. So go play it then come back here and so No. I DARE YOU.

MaxXAttaxX2832d ago

I played it. It's good.
But I disagree with the rest.

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Godmars2902833d ago

Monolith use the *BE* Squaresoft!


As excited - Yes, that's right, *I'M* for a game - this X project is likely only part of the 12 game arc they had originally intended. An old idea put on new hadware.

Hicken2833d ago

Now THERE'S a thought.

I'd buy system and game DAY 1- ANY CONSOLE- if it was for the continuation of Xenosaga. That's perhaps the ONE franchise that would make me break all my rules about gaming: I'd buy all the DLC, on-disc or not; I'd pay for Xbox Live to play online; I'd use every form of motion controls available.

Man, I feel like playing right now... but I need to sleep instead.

(Project X will probably be the reason I get a Wii U.)

kesvalk2833d ago

i don't think this is just a thought, it's probably just like that, it's the same director, same series and revolves around robots and gods and robot-gods.

they just can't say it is because i think they don't own the rights for the xenosaga/xenogears games.

MaideninBlack2833d ago

Graphics and gameplay aside, to be the new Squaresoft, Monolith will have to craft a pretty remarkable story if it wants to compete with the older FF games.

Deku-Johnny2833d ago

If Xenoblade Chronicles is anything to go by it will do.

Qrphe2833d ago

If we only talk about remarkable stories, Xenoblade did not have one.

salamanderp2833d ago

It's being directed by Tetsuya Takahashi; he's a fucking genius.

rainslacker2833d ago

Xenosaga was pretty remarkable

MaideninBlack2833d ago

So it seems from all the replies I got, lol. Well, more power to ya Monolith. SE could use the competition.

chadboban2833d ago

I hope the world in "X" will be as interesting as the world of Xenoblade. Having an entire game take place on the bodies of two giant titans is pretty hard to top. I cant freaking wait for it though.

Square definitely needs to work on their console JRPGs though, their best game this gen for me was The World Ends With You on the DS. I hope they bring over Bravely Default, that game looks incredible.

zerocrossing2833d ago

As much as I love Monolith Soft they arent quite there yet, but the way they are going it's certainly possible.

ElectricKaibutsu2833d ago

I agree. We need to at least wait until X is released, and probably a couple more games after that.

N4GDgAPc2833d ago

Do you know if sony owns the rights to xenosaga or does Monolith 100% own it? I would love to have Xenosaga 4. Was supposed to be 6 games like Xenogears. But the 3 xenosaga games made was only supposed to be 2 games to.

rainslacker2833d ago

Publishing rights are owned by Namco. We're unlikely to see it completed as they didn't sell great. The third game actually crammed a lot of stuff that was meant for the entire series into it, and while they left it open, MS said they were done with the series. If they do continue it I'm not sure if it'd continue on Playstation, which wouldn't bother me because I'd love to see how the rest of Shion's story plays out.

N4GDgAPc2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Well if it followed along close to xenogears the next game would be thousands of years later. So that part of the story was over. Shion wouldn't be in it no more. The ones that probly would be reacuring characters is Kos-mos and Chaos<-- which he is still a mystrey on who the hell he is.

When Xenosaga was first annonced there would be 6 games. The first 2 games would finish of the current story which lasted 3 games. game 5 would be Fei and Elly which u could tell the same characters as kids where in xenosaga. Don't remember if they changed there names or not in Xenosaga or not.

rainslacker2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Xenosaga is not actually directly related to Xenogears. The similarities are glaringly obvious, but they did not have rights to go with the same universe that XG took place in.

Xenosaga 3 directly said at the end that Shion was going to continue her adventure looking for lost Jerusalem, however I think it was left open like that in case they ended up making another game. Momo, Ziggy, and Chaos wouldn't have continued on with this story, although Chaos was said to play an integral role in the entire series, along with Kos-Mos. Those events may have lead up to the beginning movie of Xenogears if they were directly related, although it was theorized that those events would happen by the 2nd game by people who tried too hard to make the connection.

Game 5 never would have reached the Xenogears universe, however the Xenogears book did chronicle many of the times with XG being the 5th. Xenosaga, if taken as part of the XG universe would have been the 3rd part of that book I believe. Somewhat more recent trailers from monolith soft could possibly be that it will be showing the 4th part of that book, but that would be wishful thinking, but it plays into the whole xenosaga/xenogears timeline given the technology and stuff...however I'm thinking it's going to be more closely related to Xenoblade.

Fei and Elly were represented by Shion and her brother. They were not younger versions of them. It's been a while but I believe the original premise of Xenogears universe was that they were recurring parts of the universe, kind of like a reborn entity, something which plays into the Gnosism theory.

There were obvious similarities to XG's in XS, however it was not a direct prequel, but heavily influenced by Xenogears. If it had remained at Square then it could have been less confusing.