The Cave Walkthrough Collection

The Cave, a game made by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions is a 2D side scrolling puzzle quagmire. We will document our journey through The Cave and will be posting up stopping points along the way for anyone that may need some help. Hopefully this The Cave Guide Collection will help you make it through! As we finish the guides the links will become available.

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aceitman2823d ago

I love the game its challenging.

camel_toad2823d ago

I almost want to get it just because it's Double Fine but I haven't seen too many glowing reviews for it.

mcbrid552823d ago

I honestly liked it a lot as a $15 download. Probably wouldn't get it for the Wii U though. Played a good dose of it on that console and it runs like poop.

Here is a good review of the game though!