"PS3 Version Was Not Running As Well" - Dark Sector Almost Canned

Josh Austin, Producer for Digital Extremes' Dark Sector, let slip that the PS3 version of the game was almost scrapped. Read on to see his exact words.

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Nostradavis3891d ago

I smell something burning....

sonarus3891d ago

glad to see it made it. The cancellation of frontlines dosen't hurt but dark sector may have hurt more. PS3 development is notoriously hard but it can be done. Glad they didn't give up on good old ps3.

gamesR4fun3891d ago

what that it runs the same on the ps3?

H8 these 2 bit articles trying to get hits off the fanbois.

mikeslemonade3891d ago

If the PS3 version is inferior here in 2008 then it's a sign that probably the game isn't that good anyway. DMC4, Burnout, COD4 all are solid games for both 360 and PS3. Denied Ops definitively better on 360 is a bad game. So if the developer isn't good enough to make a PS3 port then they don't have what it takes to make a good game.

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jwatt3891d ago

I really think they should be proud of themselves, I think all devs that make a game on the ps3 that runs well should be proud of themselves. Ecspecially if it's a devs first title on the ps3 it must be very challenging.

I have a lot more respect for a developer that makes a game on the ps3 than one that doesn't. Unless they 're a first party or exclusive to another console of course.

wow4u3891d ago


This is the same story over and over again. Its not new.

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masterg3891d ago

Why is it when I read most of the comments here it sound like people didn't read the article. Here is what it says.

It didn't run as good on the PS3, it does NOW!!.

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v1c1ous3890d ago

why do people keep approving flamebait articles

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xplosneer3891d ago

What a detailed report:Error 404-Page not found!

TheHater3891d ago

the link work just fine. Maybe it your browser?

Twizlex3891d ago

Yeah, the link works fine for me. Maybe too many people were trying to look at it at the same time or something. Who knows.

xplosneer3891d ago

It says fixed. It was just a bad link for a short time.

Twizlex3891d ago

You may be right. I submitted the story, though, and it worked then. I just clicked that I fixed the problem because it was still working for me, and I didn't want people think it wasn't working when it really was. It's a total mystery, man! Sorry it wasn't working for you xsplosneer, but if you rated it as "not good" I wish you would reconsider.

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TheHater3891d ago

This is going to be interesting.

jiinn3891d ago

We've been through all this before.

The two machines are roughly equal power. But sony's development environment and the hardware design is really hard to work-with.

ho-hum. nothing new here.

Xeikon3891d ago

The link is working.

I'm tired of developers being held back by the PS3's poorly designed hardware/software tools. If they didn't have to spend so much time and money just trying to get the PS3 version to work, they would have been able to enhance the 360 version further.

gamesR4fun3891d ago

lol I feel the same way so sick of games being held back to fit on the 360's outdated hardware or lack therof.
standard hd anyone?

Denges3891d ago

poorly designed hardware eh?

toughNAME3891d ago

I don't know about you mods but those comments seem to define "fanboyism"

Alvadr3891d ago

Give me one example of the 360 version being gimped because of the PS3.. It doesnt happen. The 360 version is great no matter what, its us PS3 owners that have to worry! get a clue.

fenderputty3890d ago

Right on brotha ... bring it to the other zone.

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Twizlex3891d ago

Who wants to start flaming in the open zone first? Anybody?

InYourMom3891d ago

had this been a negative 360 article.

Ri0tSquad3891d ago

I think that just about starts it off.

Twizlex3891d ago

Hahaha, I'll look for more of those in the future.

games4fun3891d ago

the article says it runs just as good wats to fight about? every developer hits a stumbling block when a whole new way of making games is presented to them but there are many advantages once they learn and most possibly to go beyond.

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