Heavy Rain Composer Normand Corbeil passes away at 56

Tanya Valdez of writes: Some sad news has streamed in and hit the video game community. Music has a huge impact on the ears that the medium nestles itself in. Video game music helps tell the story of the game it is composed for. Heavy Rain was known for being a title that danced on the emotion of the player and David Cage, as well as the team from Quantic Dream, executed this so well.

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K26sephiroth2831d ago

Its really sad to hear. I loved the music from heavy rain!

redDevil872831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Man, this is sad.

Without doubt one of my favourite soundtracks in gaming, even in films. It matched the game perfectly, it added so much to the atmosphere of the game.


Commander_TK2831d ago

Now he can at least rest in peace.

3-4-52831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I've never heard it. Never played the game. sucks that now, after he's gone, now is when I want to hear what he has done.

Liquid_Ocelot2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@3-4-5 you can still hear it. Get the masterpiece that Heavy Rain is.

May he rest in peace now...

MikeMyers2831d ago

Sad to see someone pass away at such a young age.

Tr10wn2831d ago

Rest in peace you did an excellent job in heavy rain with out your music it wouldn't work, your music give the game the epicness and saddness feeling the game need it in the exact moment.


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Lord_Sloth2831d ago

Agreed. Music is half of the mood to any scene and Heavy Rain's music was spot on with the emotion of the story. Sad to hear it. He did a great job!

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showtimefolks2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


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Blank2831d ago

Yeah the music was what drew you in the many tense moments of the game honestly im at a loss for words after im off work im going to pop in heavy rain and admire this mans work to me the soundtrack of any video game is a major portion of my personal experience when gaming

May Normand Corbeil rest in peace

unchartedxplorer2831d ago

Yeah without his brilliant composing I wouldn't have felt half as scared during the tense moments

Ezz20132831d ago

i'm sad very sad to hear that :(

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yeahokchief2831d ago

That sucks. The music in this game was good.

And they want us to work until we are 70 or 80 now to get our retirement benefits. lol. Maybe that's their plan. Collect money from us for retirements we'll never get.

Abdou232831d ago

Best soundtrack this gen. i have it on my phone and listens to it from time to time.


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mandf2831d ago

Rest in Peace. Cancer is such a brutal disease. I have lost 4 family members and 2 still ill with it to cancer. So sad.

Jio2831d ago

My best wishes to your family. Cancer is a terrible thing.

Beatboxtaun2831d ago

I am truly sorry to hear...

Tr10wn2831d ago

Wow i can't believe someone disagree with what you said the inmature peoples of this site make me sick really, best wishes for your family my father died from lung cancer and is indeed a terrible disease.

kenshiro1002831d ago

Cancer took my mother when she was in her forties. It's very sad indeed.

May Normand Corbeil rest in peace.

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PopRocks3592831d ago

What a shame. Fun game, interesting story and of course very good score.