3 reasons why Resident Evil: Revelations is the best Resi game in years writes:

"While those of you who have already played the game on 3DS will know of Revelations’ merits, the game is bound to find a new audience for legions of PS3, 360 and PC owners who haven’t experienced this survival horror classic.

With that said, here’s 3 reasons why Revelations is the best RE game in years, and why you should be saving those pennies."

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Phil322824d ago

It really was an awesome game. I am most likely going to be double-dipping come this May.

Deku-Johnny2823d ago

Anyone who disagrees either hasn't played it, is in serious denial or is completely brain dead.

8bitHero2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

edit: nvm my earlier comment, i read the title as "is the best game in years".

Deku-Johnny2823d ago

I'm just curious, the people who disagree with my comment, why do you disagree? Can you name a better Resi game than Revelations since 2005?

TheFirstClassic2823d ago

Well I think the main problem is that you're basically saying that if another person has a different opinion than you then they must be an idiot. That may account for several of your disagrees.

ado9082823d ago

You mean 2006? Otherwise it's like you're begging for people to say Resident evil 4

Deku-Johnny2823d ago

Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005, I'm basically saying can you name a better Resi game since 4? The answer being no. It's not really a matter of opinion, the franchise has seriously gone downhill since 4.

TheFirstClassic2823d ago

But it is a matter of opinion, no matter which way you look at it. A lot of people really like RE5, if they happen to prefer that game, are they brain dead? That just sounds like a really arrogant and dumb thing to say. Personally I thought RE5 was a good game, even if it wasn't as scary. Haven't played this game yet though.

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d3nworth12823d ago

I haven't played it but from watching the trailers I can say why its the best in years. Unlike RE5 and RE6 this one is actually a horror game.

AdvanceWarsSgt2823d ago

Been saying this since it released.

Son_Lee2823d ago

Never played it so it's easily a day-1 purchase when it hits PS3.

BullyMangler2823d ago

daiiing no way . .so . i do have a ps3, i dont have a 360 nor a wiiU . . but if i had all these systems, why on earth would i skip getting it on wiiU? . . . . . just to play this on the game-pad . freaking Nintendo .thank you .

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