Why Wind Waker HD Won’t Have an Orchestrated Soundtrack

Ever since the Wii U was announced at E3 2011, Zelda fans have wondered whether we might see HD rereleases of a few recent games in Nintendo’s beloved franchise. Wednesday came jam-packed with Wii U news, but unquestionably the most talked-about is that we won’t be seeing an upscaled Zelda game, but a full remake of perhaps the most daring entry in the series—The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker—coming before the end of the year. Alongside this announcement, Nintendo revealed several screenshots to show fans how the game looks in its new format. With the question of visual fidelity out of the way, fans have one thing on their mind: music.

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PopRocks3592824d ago

If you go by history, they didn't remix or recreate the score of Ocarina of Time in the 3D remake either. But they did with Star Fox 64 3D interestingly enough. Who knows?

The12thGripper2823d ago

Koji Kondo said no to orchestrate the music for the 3D Remake. Since Koji isn't the main composer for Wind Waker, we might see something for the new Wind Waker remake.

PopRocks3592823d ago

That I certainly did not know. I definitely agree that the circumstances could change in that case. Thanks for the info.

Skate-AK2823d ago

Judging by your disagrees, apparently you don't know what you are talking about. /s

profgerbik2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

If you actually judge information on disagrees than it's possible you don't know how N4G works.

There are people that disagree just to disagree, hell I have had people disagree with some of my posts so fast that I know they didn't even have the time to actually read it which is stupid.

It could be something as simple as "Look at the hat." and people here will probably disagree with that comment. There are also those fanboys who will literally just disagree with an entire comments section for the hell of it just because they don't like a system or a game.

So yea people just disagree here for no reason sometimes. It proves nothing really.

Irishguy952823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

This is a WiiU article, not a Playstation one. So you'll be getting a lot of Random Disagrees


WiiUsauce2823d ago

this site has way too many annoying ass Sony fanboys. if you look at all the on fire articles 99 percent of them are Sony related.

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showtimefolks2823d ago

i am interested in this but here is my question to a lot of zelda fans.

why aren't we getting a HD collection of multiple Zelda games instead of getting one?

I have never been a huge Zelds fn but was thinking of giving the series another shot, so that's why i asked about a collection of 2-3 games in HD collection.

either way i have heard great things about wind walker so will be checking it out

greatcrusader442823d ago

Well is Wind Waker HD more than just an up scaling to HD like most HD Collections, they're redoing every asset in game and going from the pics a revamped lighting system, so its practically a remake.

Wind Walker looks completely different than the other Zelda's so they wouldn't be able to use much of WW's revamped assets so they would have to completely remake another Zelda if they wanted to do a collection type deal.

While I would of course never object to them doing so (would love more than WW getting the HD treatment *cough Majoras Mask *cough) I can completely understand why they would only do WW.

showtimefolks2823d ago


thank you for not calling me a troll for somply asking a genuine question i had.

yeh would love for them to redo some of the zelda games, but if they don't and make new ones i am fine with it

i will pick up a wii-u around the time wind walker remake comes out.

Root2824d ago

Hopefully we'll see a limited edition with some goodies in...maybe the soundtrack will come along with it.

Nintendo havent had many collectors edition this gen, Wind Waker would be a good one to do.

Soundtrack, Artbook, maybe a replica of the conductor etc

DarkBlood2823d ago

lol its kind of funny i was just thinking today or yesterday about some sort of limited edition bundle with maybe a gold controller or something of likes

but yours sound better i believe

Root2823d ago

I wouldn't want a gold controller, I'd rather have replicas from in the game. Something you can't buy anywhere else.

Skate-AK2823d ago

A gold Gamepad would be cool. The limited edition would end up being expensive though.

Summons752823d ago

What would be a nice surprise is if they give the same thing they did when it was originally released and give a bonus disc with oot and master quest or virtual console redeems for oot an lttp. I remember buying wind waker the first time and the store handing me the oot/ master quest disc... I was so surprised

Toon_Link2823d ago

When I preordered my copy of WW I received a GameCube disc with LoZ 1 & 2 OoT and MM. Eventually I found the disc you got with the master quest at GameStop and bought it used. Those were some killer preorder bonuses.

ElectricKaibutsu2823d ago

That Master Quest preorder bonus was sweet. It's cool when Nintendo gives you something that they could have easily charged for.

ElectricKaibutsu2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

From the article: "One of these possibilities is the Skyward Sword route: Orchestrate the more bombastic songs, while using digital audio tools to recreate the rest of Wind Waker’s music with the impression of an orchestra while avoiding spending so much time and money on the real deal."

I'm fine with that. I realize having an orchestra record every song would be very expensive and honestly wouldn't lead to any more sales. I could see them doing a couple songs though. For example the Symphony of the Goddess touring orchestra already does the sailing theme.

Kevlar0092823d ago

Ganon's Theme would be pretty cool. Get some Opera vocals in there.

TheCagyDies2823d ago

Hopefully they do, "The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement" from the Zelda 25th Anniversary concerts was amazing.

3-4-52823d ago

I wouldn't touch a thing on the OST.

It's beautiful as is.

Prob the same reason you don't mess with Ocarina's OST.

Kur02823d ago

They mean having a real orchestra play the music instead of it being digital.

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