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What Is This Sony? - Recommend A Friend To Get A PS Vita?

Some of you folks may have noticed that Sony are trying an incentive to pull in more gamers to buy the Vita. What does this mean, really? Well they are doing this by offering $20 in PSN credit, 1,000 Sony Rewards points for convincing someone to buy a Vita. Game-Modo just don’t think this is the best idea.

Do you think this is the best way to get the PS Vita sold? Come check out what Game-Modo think.

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Community2861d ago
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2861d ago

Banks do it. It's cheap advertising. Sony has always relied mainly on word of mouth, this is just the first time they've paid people to do it. I do personally wish they'd use more tv advertising though. Maybe when they start turning a profit.

jujubee882861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I couldn't have said it any better.

I especially like the last part you wrote,

"...wish they'd use more tv advertising though. Maybe when they start turning a profit."


MmaFan-Qc2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

People are blowing this out of proportions. This campaign isin't being handled by sony, they didn't even advertise it themselves. This is being handled by an external advertising company, one of those generic referring sites. Click the source and it proves what I'm saying. These contests are held all the time, in addition to doing the referral thing its giving you a chance to win $10k, which proves its being handled by a external advertising firm.

These kind of things happen for all consumer electronics. I've seen a few for writing surveys for the chance to win $10,000 or a wiiU.

gaming medias are so ridiculous sometime, sensationalism is the new thing i guess....

Rockefellow2861d ago

MmaFan-Qc: You should probably take a second and check if you received an email about this before looking like a complete ass. This is officially endorsed and ran by Sony. Not only was it sent from a Sony account, the disclaimer at the bottom clearly reiterates multiple times that this is being handled by Sony, is part of their official mailing list, and all prizes are distributed by Sony directly, no third-party agency in sight.

Not only this, it clearly states that it's "only open to users who are legal residents of the U.S. who receive notification directly from Sony Computer Entertainment America addressed specifically to him/her." Not exactly the type of specifications a third-party company would care about, now is it?

You're completely wrong, bud. Try reading a little bit before flying off the handle next time, okay?

Derekvinyard132861d ago

Tell your friend to buy it,
Get points and psn card,
Tell your fiend to return it,

tack1292861d ago

Should be:
Tell friend to buy it,
Get points and PSN card,
Rinse and repeat with other friends for more points and money,

ThatGuy22861d ago

Or you could buy another vita and get the points and sell it and do it all over again!!!

jakmckratos2861d ago

what if convinced somebody to do it last summer?

Knight_Crawler2861d ago

Then you get a brownie point or a pat on the back.

jakmckratos2858d ago

Is it a Sony brownie? Did it originally cost $600

SoundGamer2861d ago

It's not retroactive. I already tested it out with a bunch of friends. Sucks because I literally got over 200 people (between, friends, workmates, people on the web, etc.) to get a Vita since its launch. lol

I don't know if I can get anymore.

Killzoner992861d ago

Tell me about it. I've gotten over 300 people to buy a Vita but I don't care , I'm just doing my part. I don't need an incentive to do something I believe so strongly in.

SoundGamer2861d ago

lol @ The disagrees. Typical N4G.

Neo Nugget2861d ago

Yeah, well I'm closing in on 400 people. Hah!

shadow27972861d ago

I'm over 9000!

I'll get my coat.

Ezz20132861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

*"I've gotten over 300 people to buy a Vita"*

but those "300" got killed at the end

SoundGamer2860d ago

People act like I'm making stuff up. I run an online game store where I have sold hundreds of Vitas (mainly at launch).

Add that to the people who I persuaded to get one especially around the Holiday season (around 10 people), I have one way or another gotten over 200 people to get a Vita since its launch.

So how stupid are some of you feeling right now? lol

fredrikpedersen2860d ago

How did you get 200 people? I've gotten like 3 of my friends to buy one, and I bought my little sister one for christmas.

TheUndertaker852860d ago

"I run an online game store where I have sold hundreds of Vitas"

What he really means to say is he's not actually referring people, merely selling them a product.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2861d ago

As per usual just because it's Sony this is being blown out of proportion. Their marketing for the Vita hasn't been all that great and when they do try to market it people complain.
Get your friend to buy a Vita and earn $20 to spend on PSN, how on earth has this been spinned into a negative thing.

GameTechZero2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Please read the article. Thanks.

HarryMasonHerpderp2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I read the article and the headline sounds like a negative spin also I was speaking in general.
We have already had articles up about it being a negative thing saying that it's "desperate" and all the usual Vita is doomed articles. As an early adopter and someone who has loved their Vita since they bought it, It's getting tiring hearing the downfall of the device all the time.
I just don't get why people aren't like wow I could get $20 if my friend get's a Vita, that's pretty cool.

LOGICWINS2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

@Harry- Seriously...why are you being so defensive?

I personally don't like it because its bad for Sony. Many could easily take advantage of this. If I know someone thats getting a Vita(on their OWN accord), I'll tell them about this promotion and score myself $20 for virtually doing nothing.

And lets be realistic here. How many people within a month will spend $250 on a Vita simply because their friend told them to do so? The Vita's been $250 for a year now. If your interested in one, but haven't gotten one yet CLEARLY your waiting for something(better deal, price drop, more games, redesign etc.).

I'm all for Sony trying to sell Vitas, but this is an idiotic way to do so.

ZoyosJD2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"Just dont see how it will pull in the buyers." -stealth edited out.

Your infering that the idea is stupid, hence negativity.

Also, This is by FAR a proven method. Numerous companies offer similar incentives.

This also requires minimal investment, with a fair-great return on average with practically no impact on how Sony continues to market its product normally.

Haven't your ever tried something and wanted one yourself.

This just gives those with a Vita incentive to show it off.

The article is ignorant of common retail practices at best and trolling for hits worst.

@logic...If the person showing it off has already decided it's worth it for them, why not get the enjoyment out of it and get a discount while your at it.

This is about getting others to try it out. IT means that Sony believes that their product sells itself better than they can. Which I agree with.

LOGICWINS2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

^^JUST because other companies do it doesn't mean it ALWAYS works. I know Showtime offers $25 back if you subscribe, but thats a crap incentive. $25 is NOTHING compared to the $150+ a year your going to spend on a Showtime subscription.

"If the person showing it off has already decided it's worth it for them, why not get the enjoyment out of it and get a discount while your at it."

LOL, because it DOESN'T work! U think showing someone your Vita for 5 minutes will result in sporadically buying a Vita with the disposable $250 that they have under their pillow?

Millions have had the opportunity to play Vita at Bestbuy, Sony stores, Toys R Us, Target, Gamestop etc. If THAT doesn't get them to buy it, they you letting them play with your Vita for a while won't do a damn thing either.

If you truly believe otherwise, then prove me wrong by the end of next month. Show me how many people you can get to spend $250 on something they previosuly had no interest for. Good luck ;)

Blastoise2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Personally I think its a decent idea

SonicGameMaster2861d ago

I like what this guy is saying. In no way has the article spun this into a doom and gloom case. The article states different ideas for how to market the Vita. It does not say anywhere that the recommend a friend idea is bad. It just explains better ways to market the vita.

Abriael2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

We have. It's a silly article, as it's a method that has been proven to work in many industries, and it's also very low-cost.

Before writing opinion pieces on marketing, one should know how marketing works, otherwise he should go back writing about why he likes this game or the other.

rainslacker2861d ago


Since I brought my Vita at launch I've shown it to about 8 people, and 4 of them brought one within 4 months. So yes, showing off the hardware gets people interested. Not all of them brought it right away (Only one brought it within a week), but all of them knew about it because of me.

This promotion gets people to show off their Vita, which is Sony's intent. They likely won't have to pay out to a majority of the people that get others interested in buying it, but the promoting gets done for Sony.

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SonicGameMaster2861d ago

@abriel how is the article silly? So what if it has worked in many other industries, the writer has not said its a bad idea or anything but has expressed another idea to boost sales. Nothing wrong with this article from what I have read anyway. Seems a lot of people are upset over this article for no reason whatsoever. Maybe most of you have actually not read it? Seems like it.

2pacalypsenow2861d ago

Directv does it $100 for every member you refer. Stop acting like only sony does it

Godchild10202861d ago

Time Warner gives away a 150 dollar gift card to Target and they also gave away an Xbox 360 sometime last year.

It's common.

-Falaut-2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I read somewhere else that this is not a Sony campaign, at least not a direct one. Apparently its done by a company that's known for pyramid like programs. Seeing that you have to give them your psn id AND password, at least from what I've read, screams scam to me.

-Falaut-2861d ago

Looked into it myself and it reminded me I should not trust what I read. Looks legit.