Zelda Wii U: Cooperative Multiplayer is the Next-Gen Revolution We’ve All Been Waiting For

GenGAME writes: "Just like Ocarina of Time‘s 3D world caused a revolution for the franchise, adding a deep multiplayer component will forever change the series’ conventions. No longer will we think of multiplayer as something for spin-offs and extra modes: it’ll become a core feature instead.

"While the fact that Zelda‘s kind of 'late to the party' in terms of taking full advantage of cooperative play means it won’t completely change the way video games are made going forward, it’ll still mean that the series will at long last have dived fully into 'next-gen.'"

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Root2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago ) a Zelda game

NO...just NO

I love Zelda because it takes you on an epic single player journey where you can escape to a fantasy land full of mythical things and surroundings. What people don't need is to be interupted and miss half of the stuff on screen, story related because your talking to your friend about something else. I've seen it happen to a ton of people when playing Halo for example

"Yeah I honestly don't know why she even said that to me at college I mean - Woah....what's just happened, who's he, where are we going now"

I know what some of you are thinking..."You don't have to play co-op" but the thing is like Dead Space 3 for example they would spend their time making your surrounding built for two people when playing so if you can play by yourself it will feel off.

Zelda like Fallout, Uncharted, Elder Scrolls, Hitman for example should stay single player in the campaign. Co-op should not exist in any shape or form, if you want that go play another game

legendoflex2824d ago

Aonuma has already said that they're getting rid of the convention that you HAVE to play alone. Which isn't to say that they're FORCING you to play with others... in which case there's really no reason to worry. You'll still be able to play by yourself.

Better to come up with suggestions to make it as non-intrusive and/or actually value-adding as possible than to try to say "no, it's a bad idea to begin with and you shouldn't try it." As long as they're not forcing it down your throat, how does it hurt you to offer the option?

linkenski2824d ago

I'm guessing they're thinking about making something similar to the tingle tuner from Wind Waker in the next Zelda game, and maybe that's what Aonuma was referring to.

Benjaminkno2824d ago

It's be ok, don't be scared. You won't feel a thing.
Quick and painless.

PopRocks3592824d ago

" a Zelda game

NO...just NO"

Four Swords ring any bells? Also the Dead Space argument doesn't fly. The primary complaint about coop in Resident Evil and Dead Space is that having a friend/cooperative companion reduces tension and therefor makes the games less scary. Zelda's not a scary experience.

Besides, Mario Galaxy had some minor cooperative elements, unlike previous 3D Mario games. Whose to say you can't just have a second player play as the fairy?

Seriously, it's amazing how people demand Nintendo innovate their franchises and when they say they're going to do so, they demand "NO, keep it the same!"

Root2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Four Swords was a spin off and was not a main titled Zelda game.

We all know that

"Seriously, it's amazing how people demand Nintendo innovate their franchises and when they say they're going to do so, they demand "NO, keep it the same!" "

So by me saying "don't add co-op" it automatically makes me say "Keep it the exact same, don't change anything".....where did you get that from. You can do other things in the game to change it around, co-op isn't the only thing they can do to change things up

It's a single taking Link on his journey. It's something you should do by yourself, where you can enjoy the story Nintendo have created.

One minute people are saying single player games are dying out the next they want devs to waste their time on stupid co-op in games like Zelda....why

Lord_Sloth2824d ago

I fail to see how co-op in a game that allows you to co-op with an AI (Skyrim) would ruin the game. All it does is replace an idiot AI with a person that you don't HAVE to play with. Regardless playing with a friend is always fun.

As for Zelda, I'd be curious to see how it pans out.

Root2823d ago

Jeez....people like seem to think that they can easily just add co-op in like it's nothing

Fact is in development it takes a lot of time to get things sorted out so you can have someone with you in the game. It might seem like an easy process to do on the outside but actually doing it would take time...time which would be spent away from things which are more important, especially if it's Bethesda for example. They've even said it would take away development time from the single player.

Lord_Sloth2823d ago

Except that it's usually a Networking team working on the Networking. Besides, I'm not asking for a full team of 4 people or anything. Just my brother.

ElectricKaibutsu2823d ago


I agree. I love co-op games. If a game comes out with good co-op I'll buy it. I don't think Zelda needs to be like that though.

I doubt Nintendo will mess up the Zelda franchise by needless adding things. There hasn't been a bad Zelda yet so I'm not worried. Maybe the co-op could be simple like the Tingle Tuner or the 2 player mode in Super Mario Galaxy. I doubt this will turn into Army of Two.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2823d ago

All of you make good points

BUT I think I am more with "Root".

Making Co-Op and Single Quest BALANCED in a game like Zelda, won't be as simple as some may think.

I like Changes and I trust Nintendo with them BUT...
THIS IS ZELDA WE'RE TALKING ABOUT- Only, 1 Every Counsel GEN- so, the stakes are high.

So, ROOT please keep voicing your logical concerns and maybe Nintendo will read it and make their new Experiment better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm buying it (no matter what) but I wouldn't mind a new Favorite Zelda.

NameRemoved00172823d ago

Co-op works in single player games like fallout if they integrate it like they did into saints row 3.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2824d ago

then can add co op if they want but id like the core gameplay to still be solo.

AznGaara2824d ago

I think for a 3D Zelda they should do what the Souls series has been doing. Not really co-op but the ability to leave messages or be sommuned by someone would be interesting.

ZoyosJD2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

A soul of Link from legends past is an awesome concept, but as long as the game never requires another player. If it's made for two and you get stuck with AI when you want to play because no ones on, internet goes out, or you just want to play alone, etc. that would just suck.

ShaunCameron2824d ago

Yeah. Just what the industry needs. More pointless multiplayer. It seems that some people are really that lonely.

Root2823d ago

Especially when people keep bloody moaning single player gaming is dying out.....

It's one or the other guys

I'm quite surprized I thought if it came to Zelda people would stand their ground and say "Keep that away from Zelda" but's "Sure guys waste your time on co-op so I can show off to a friend for a few hours, don't mind the other stuff" /s

Warj2823d ago

I actually wouldn't mind seeing another 4 Swords type since I didn't get the chance to play the earlier two properly.

But for a main entry, I would prefer it to remain single player. I am not against the option to have a co-op campaign. While I loved Skyrim as a solo adventure, my brother and I are waiting to play through again because someone is working on a multi-player mod for PC. Done well, the co-op could add replay value. Again though, it has to be optional.

My primary concerns are:
A) It is a copy of other games (such as the author demonstrated by mentioning classes, which I complete disagree with) keep it a Zelda game, not a clone with the Zelda name.
B) It is tacked on like the star bit collection in Mario Galaxy, instead of a proper full application where each player has equal responsibility for success and/or failure.
C) It takes away from the main game's development *cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*.

I'm wary anyway given Skyward Sword and Nintendo's leanings for hand holding lately, but while difficult, I try to keep an open mind until more information becomes available.

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