The Playstation, Where did Sony go wrong this Generation?

Archimedies123 explains how he believes Sony got where they are this generation. And how they may have helped their own competition.

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M2-3403d ago

I think the list of "What Sony did right this generation" would be a better discussion, as the list would be far smaller and more subjective.

theBAWSE3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

@M2 EXACTLY!!! you get silly sites like this begging for hits

Sony are second this generation behind the wii..they have dramatically improved their FREE online offering..have succeeded in pushing bluray into peoples homes just like they did with DVD in the ps2...and the most important thing?....GAMES EXCLUSIVE GAMES...and what I like most about sony which ms really need to start doing is sony continue to support their consoles despite a newer one on the abandoned the original Xbox for the 360 and now it seems history is repeating itself for the nexbox..ps2 has only NOW ceased production!!!

we have sly Cooper,beyond souls,Gow and the last of us to look forward to despite ps4 just round the corner.and are enjoying one of the greatest rpgs I've ever played in ni no kuni...

sony lost marketshare to Microsoft not only due to 360 releasing first but Sony HAD arrogance and a steep price..these days the arrogance seemed to have disappeared so now lets hope they price the ps4 correctly.

all companies make mistakes but Sony knows how to treat its gamers therefore they done plenty right this generation with lessons learned ps4 should be a killer.

insomnium23403d ago

"ms abandoned the original Xbox for the 360 and now it seems history is repeating itself for the nexbox"

This is very true but lucky for MS their fanbase doesn't seem to care about exclusives anymore.

Lvl_up_gamer3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

"Sony are second this generation behind the wii"

Uh...second in what? It's not Market Share where the 360 is still in 2nd and the Wii 1st. MS have generated more profits this gen then Sony did, Sony lost $180 million in the last 10 years making Sony only worth $12 billion where MS gained 20 million in the last 5 years making MS worth $220 billion....

So again, how is Sony 2nd and what sources are you using to base that claim?

"ms abandoned the original Xbox for the 360 and now it seems history is repeating itself for the nexbox"

I see ignorance is still rampant in a particular fanboy camp. To theBAWSE, insomnium2 and the idiots that agreed....

Nvidia stopped production on the Xbox's GPU. So it wasn't MS that decided to just stop supporting the Xbox, it was Nvidia that decided the end of the Xbox, not MS.

Please do your research.

juandren3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

@lvl-down-gamer: I'm sure nVidia just willingly decided to stop manufacturing components for the Xbox while M$ begged them to keep doing it, right? If somebody offered me the kind of money M$ could have offered them, I would eat shit and all the most horrible things imaginable. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been any skin off nVidia's back to continue production microsoft-apple-and-google-wher e-does-the-money-come-from/4469

Just a bit of quick research and you might actually see that M$'s existence (and success) is due to way more than just a game console. Do YOUR research, son.

Imalwaysright3403d ago

I dont believe for one moment that would stop manufactering the Xbox GPU without MS agreement. MS discontinued the Xbox because it was bleeding money.

theBAWSE3403d ago get certain comments where the person replying (hence you) are so blinded by FACTS and the love for a company you have NO shares in that you spout the most crap I've ever seen in one persons comment've actually made yourself look unintelligent ...where do I start with the bull you just wrote?

MikeMyers3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

After watching the video it is true that Nintendo had to make some major adjustments and coming out with the Wii was a gable that paid off for them. This explosion left Microsoft and Sony fighting over the same market while Nintendo created their own. So while Microsoft and Sony fought over a market that had pretty much stagnated from growth it left Nintendo all alone with a cheaper and more casual system.

I don't think the PS3 shows what Sony did wrong but rather what Microsoft did right. They came out earlier and more aggressive and beating Sony to the punch by aligning themselves with big franchises like Grand Theft Auto. That put more pressure on Sony to deliver with their own exclusives that were costly to make and not coming out on time. As Sony focused more on gaming and less on promoting bluray and HDTV's, the PS3 got better. So to me this article is a bit late. If I were to criticize Sony it would be their marketing.

dlpg5853403d ago

@juandren microsoft is first and foremost a buisness. the xbox was a financial failure made to make a brand for themselves. they weren't gonna make their money back and if they spent more time trying they would've just fallen flat on their face. the 360 was more popular because of it's relatively early release. it established a next gen fanbase first and let devs spend more time with the hardware. since it was a success i'll expect them to back the system a bit more than the original xbox. but i have my pc so i'm not really scared.

i fear that sony may repeat history this generation while they "wait for xbox to make the first move"

this video makes the point thatsony doesn't have the name brand recognition when it comes to game titles that the other two do. while nintendo has... well nintendo titles. microsoft has halo and the ever popular call of duty (i know it's not an exclusive, but with the timed dlc and larger fanbase, it helps microsoft more than sony). while sony has a slew of good games, the lack of a console defining game early in it's life cycle never let it grow as large as the other two.

MikeMyers3403d ago

dlpg585, I'm not sure if I agree with everything you said but I will say this. Sony needs to do a much better job on the PS4 than they are currently with the Vita. This topic does support the argument of Sony not knowing what to do more so with Vita than the PS3.

You also have to take into context that the hardcore fan who frequent forums like this are not the market that has the most growth. In fact many here would tell you all about the vast PS3 exclusives while telling everyone to stay away from Call of Duty. Sales suggest a different story. So does Sony continue to support this group or try and regain more growth and marketshare? I know for a company that isn't doing well financially what the answer should be.

OmegaSlayer3403d ago

Sony lost lots of ground in the beginning because of Japan.
What went wrong in this gen imho is Japan.
Japan developers had no clue where to go with gaming.
They all jumped ship to cather to the Western audience and supported MS at the beginning more then Sony, and allowed some strategic franchises to go multiplatform like Devil May Cry, Tekken, Final Fantasy or developed exclusives for Microsoft.
That's what splitted the hardcore fanbase in the beginning of the gen and was a damage that was brought over.
Japan didn't had faith in Sony, that's the problem.
Sony showed that they were wrong.

Also...I think that Sony has problems with overall game direction this gen.
While some games are very good gameplay wise, they fall short on identity, personality and charme.
Resistance 1 was a good game, but both Nathan Hale and the Chimeras weren't even remotely attractive as Master Chief and Halo's universe.

Uncharted is a hell of a game, though the average american teen, is more attracted by Marcus Fenix than Nathan Drake.

And so on and on and on.
If you take the majority of high selling franchise they have an iconic character (or a fictional World) towards whom fans grow a terrific affection that leads them to buy games...Ezio, Snake, Dante, Kratos, Shepard...that's what Sony lacked big time in their exclusives.

AngelicIceDiamond3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Yeah We get it BlueRay, Exclusives free Online. Xbox sucks no games paid online MS will Abandon the 360 blah blah whatever. PlayStation is the greatest thing ever.

For the 100th time when the new Xbox gets anounced and MS shows off their brand new games your gonna forget about what you posted and be hyped for the 720. Matter of fact, everybody is, all the MS bashing will be an afer thought when the new machine gets debuted I bet $$$ on it.

You know I'm glad fanboys found a home to spread garbage. And luckily a little site this doesn't matter just a blip in the gaming verse. Nobody would want to listen to fanboys NOBODY.

Sorry for the negativity but its getting really, REALLY old now....

Considering this post has nothing to do with the Xbox.

Diver3403d ago

did anyone visit the site? how does this stuff get approved. desperate much?

aceitman3403d ago

we have seen new ip's that grew and where exclusives , all exclusives selling at least 100 million copies together total sales. I can say that's good numbers so I can say the guy is wrong with exclusive stuff, after all ms used that tatic exclusive dlc 1st on 360 ,then ps3 30 days to 6 months later .

Dee_913403d ago

Ohhh so since sony lost money the ps3 isnt 2nd behind wii in sales.
Okay thanks for clearing that up.I was confused for a bit.

whats going to happen when ps4 gets announced?

"You know I'm glad fanboys found a home to spread garbage.And luckily a little site this doesn't matter just a blip in the gaming verse. Nobody would want to listen to fanboys NOBODY. "
Im sure you mean the article at hand and not this site right?

SilentNegotiator3403d ago

While Sony screwed up with the price, I think the real factors on this generation (compared to last) is what Microsoft did right to rise Xbox out of being a barely recognized and Nintendo going after a completely different market than has ever really been tapped.

MaxXAttaxX3403d ago

I swear I think I've seen this type of article being written before... like a lot, every year.


xursz3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Did AngelicIceDiamond just come into a negative Playstation article to call out fanboys and rave about the new xbox which hasn't even been announced yet? The irony... It hurts.

And people agreed with him?

Kurt Russell3403d ago

I just wished there was a bit more co-op based games on the PS3. I play a lot of co-op with friends on the xbox (gears, halo etc) and would have liked a bit more of that with games like Resistance. Don't get me wrong there are some epic single player games... but I miss my fwiends :(

Knushwood Butt3403d ago

@ Omega

I don't know why you got so many disagrees, as what you wrote about the Japanese devs was spot on.

So many of them, that were loyal to Sony in the previous gen, jumped into bed with MS, who had money to throw around and a big head start in the US. To be honest, I think Capcom are responsible for a lot of that. Things like Lost Planet and Dead Rising were 360 exclusives from a Japanese dev...

otherZinc3403d ago



When SONY announces in a letter to its shareholders they are "NOT" in last place, it will be binding.

If SONY were doing as good as you guys think, they would respond to NPD with a letter of greatness to its shareholders.

If SONY corroborates "VGChartz" story of SONY passing M$'s 360 in console sales world wide to its shareholders in writing; its true!

Fact is, it isn't true. This is why you or any other fan on this site has ever read or seen SONY telling its shareholders its leading M$ in console sales.

Still waiting on SONY respond to Holiday NPD results the way M$ & Nintendo has responded in a letter to its binding shareholders.

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Irishguy953403d ago

Didn't really go wrong, they just wasted the first few years to reap the rewards of the second half

1: Release at a high price. This was simply inevitable due to the Blu ray player. But Blu ray pays itself off now.

2: Cell processor, no one knew how to use it at release....paid off now again

3: Psn Security system was a bit flawed, which hackers took advantage of.

4: Releasing a year later than Xbox and being even more delayed in Europe(like 6 months or something) at an even higher price than the US.

That's about it. They started out bad, with a loss on every playstation, with low sales, with not much exclusives and literally none of them utilizing the Cell. Then another set back with the Hack. However they have caught up and passed MS sales wise, they have a much better system due to the amount of Exclusives they shit out etc. It's a shame for them that they lost alot of their user base to MS, but's that more so for MS upping their game with the 360 and Ps3's slow start.

morganfell3403d ago

"Where Did Game Journalism Go Wrong This Generation?"

This is why N4G is failing from a community perspective. They may be making money but they provide a platform for articles of the worst kind.

kneon3403d ago

Sony had no choice but to release after the XBox. Bluray and HDMI 1.3 were not finalized until 2006 and Sony wanted those included.

Microsoft launched early and because of that they had no HD optical disk support and no HDMI at all.

We may be in for a similar situation again as I expect they will want the new HDMI and bluray specs for 4K support.

ChrisW3403d ago


In reverse order:

4: Release date and pricing can make or break a console, but Sony, with its fan base, still did well. Can they do it again? No... Mass Kool-Aid suicide would reap more benefits for Sony.

3: PSN is awesome, hacked or not.

2: Cell processor has to this date, been a thorn in some devs' brains. They still cannot wrap their head around it. Nonetheless... PS4 is doing away with the Cell. So, what does that tell you?

1: Blu Ray pays for itself, yes... But in the time frame that it took DVD to catch on from VHS, Blu Ray has faltered... HORRIBLY!!!

JamieL3403d ago

I have to say I disagree with you too Irishguy95. You said almost 3 times how the decisions they made with the PS3 "paid off". They still haven't even come close to "paying off", the PS3 hasn't even come close to "breaking even", let alone paying off yet. I don't see them ever making up what the PS3 lost. OK now my financial analysis is over I will also say, I do agree with what you said if you were talking about from a gamers perspective. Those things did pay off for us, all but the Cell, I think that hurt more than it helped us. I just didn't know how you meant "paid off".

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IAmLee3403d ago

Ah, here it is. Haven't seen one of these for a while.. the good ol' n4g classic: I present to you another POINTLESS sony hate article :')

kreate3402d ago

Hehe :)

Funny how all these gamers talk as if they have some kind of stake in the company.

Should of, could of, would of, its how life rolls, it'll happen next Gen too.

Most of these gamers are just fanboys putting on the nerd glasses.

lfclee3403d ago

Another flamebaiting article !

Bathyj3403d ago

firing krazy ken is the only real mistake they made of any consequence.

nearly everything else they were mocked for turned out to be the right move

Ezz20133403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

i still remember
"ps3 has no gamez...who need blue-ray...psn sucks" etc

now it clear that sony did make ps3 a future proof console that can go over the 10 years plan
of course along with ps4

Death3403d ago

How is this clear? No such thing as a future proof console exists. To be future proof, the PS3 would have to be able to compete against a new console without having to release a new version. The WiiU is arguably more powerful and the next Xbox and PS4 much more powerful. We will continue to see Xbox 360 and PS3 sales as the new generation launches. This is a proven model that dates back to the Atari 2600 era.

In the 7ish years the PS3 has been around, no game came close to needing a Blu-ray player. We still aren't gaming in 1080p exclusively either. What few games exist in 1080p are simply upscaled. The amount of content needed for true 1080p gaming is unnessasary and cost prohibitive. Gamers financed Sony's battle against HD-DVD with the PS3. Games received no benefit.

PSN is a much better product today than at launch. It still not as feature filled as Live, but it is still free.

Ezz20133403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

*no game came close to needing a Blu-ray player.*

hmmm..god of war 3 is 40gb
uncharted 2 is 25gb
uncharted 3 is 40gb
killzone 3 is 40gb
ni no kuni is 20gb
heavy rain is 25gb
infamous 2 is 20gb

should i go on ?!

as for the rest of your comment .. i don't agree with it

Tr10wn3403d ago

*no game came close to needing a Blu-ray player.*

hmmm..god of war 3 is 40gb
uncharted 2 is 25gb
uncharted 3 is 40gb
killzone 3 is 40gb
ni no kuni is 20gb
heavy rain is 25gb
infamous 2 is 20gb

But Skyrim is just 5GB how is that possible? and with about 2GB it looks way better than any PS3 game.

BF3 and The Witcher 2 are probably the best looking PC games to date and they are both under 20GB and they are the best looking games out there right now, you can't honestly say GoW3 needs 40GB.... is more like they dont want to compress their games because they have blu-ray disc hence the point of death, IMO blu-ray was not needed just yet all that bullshit about changing disc ect ect is just that bullshit, i remember playing MGS4 with my bro and friends and otacon said something to snake about "snake remember we are on a PS3 we dont need to change disc anymore" and we couldn't stop laughing because after he said that we had to wait 5 mins for the game to install we were like we could have changed the disc like 10 times on that time, blu-ray was not needed on this gen IMO it was just a gimmick just like 3D something fancy.

Ezz20133403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


from DF vs. uncharted 3

"Naughty Dog has taken full advantage of the Blu-ray delivery mechanism and utilises a colossal 46.3GB of space.

There are some "luxuries" in that allocation - 3.24GB of behind-the-scenes movies, 7GB of foreign language audio, and 10GB of 3D movies (pre-rendered cut-scenes are stored both in 2D and 3D versions) but by our reckoning there's at least 16GB of core game data being used in this game - and even then, Naughty Dog is employing compression on top of that, so the real size of these assets easily moves north of 20GB - not including pre-rendered movies. All of this is driven by executable code just 18MB in size"

so uncharted 3 without the cutscenes and 3d etc
just pure gameplay is 20gb alone

as for skyrim on pc
no you are wrong those 2gb High textuers pack didn't do any thing and the game was still ugly

untill the mods stepped in and then made the game almost CG
i have it on my pc with all the mods it's 20gb

Knushwood Butt3403d ago

@ Tr10wn

You may have a point, but the flip side of that is that there are many first party 360 games that had to be cut back in order to be crammed onto a DVD.

Remember PGR3? Remember how it hardly has any tracks? I worked on that game (indirectly) and know for a fact that some of the tracks featured in the game take up a **** load of space. I guess it was to incorporate the different weather versions of the same track. Anyway, point is that those few tracks took up the majority of the space on the DVD. There was simply no more space on the disk for more.

Death3403d ago

hmmm..god of war 3 is 40gb
uncharted 2 is 25gb
uncharted 3 is 40gb
killzone 3 is 40gb
ni no kuni is 20gb
heavy rain is 25gb
infamous 2 is 20gb

Using and needing are completely different animals. Which of these games is longer than a DVD based game? Which is visually more stunning than a DVD based game? The ability to place bonus content on the same disc as a DVD based game hardly seems like a fair trade for the 45% of the market share lost to competitors.

8 years on the market and Microsoft had a forza game that had additional content loaded to the HDD from a second disc and Halo 4 had their multiplayer do the same thing. Once installed you were done. Is it better to have all content on one disc? Absolutely, but at what cost? Blu-ray was supposed to make it so all games were in "TrueHD" 1080p and much longer. Which of these happened?

Bathyj3403d ago

actually Death, all those games except probably infamous are better looking than almost any console game on dvd so you kind of argued against your point, but bluray isnt about pretty graphics, its about having less constraints in developement.

and who ever said bluray meant all games were supposed to be 1080p? let me guess, you mean the always misquoted "ALL games will be 1080p at 120fps"

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showtimefolks3403d ago

1.started out at $599-499 and still out sold xbox360

2.had no games for first 12-18 months

3.PSN when started was a mediocre service at best compared to xblive was very arrogance

5.but than sony realized its not last generation, and the success of ps1-ps2 doesn't automatically they can release a console that is expensive and hard to develop for yet get a free pass from their fans and media critics.

5.but than sony made sure it delivers what matter most GAMES,GAMES AND MORE GAMES. 12 fully owned studios,many 2nd party studios. and they have delivered what should matter most and that's games. but they also gave psn an over haul and and made psn:plus which is a great and very under rated service

this is what i want everyone to think about, sony did their best to shoot themself in the foot yet have passed xbox360 sales wise and have done a lot right over the last 3-4 years. now moving on to ps4 they have their past experiences to learn from.

competition is great for us as gamers meaning we will get better products and those products will get better software support

I wouldn't be surprised is sony announced a lot of games at E3 that will be coming in 2014-2015. Nintendo just did that yet their fans are acting like those games are coming out in 2013. so announce as much stuff as possible and show that this time from day one its gonna be a different story.

Killzone 4
Uncharted 4
Resistance 4
ratchet and clank
New IP from GG
New IP from sucker punch
new IP from sony santa monica
read st dawn's new game
QD's next game
david jaffe's next game
insomniac doing a new IP
getaway reboot
Syphone Filter reboot

GT6 and Killzone 4 must be ready for launch of ps4.

no doubt sony has done a lot wrong but how they fell to where they are today, its starting to improve. so i like their chances the most when it comes to PS4.

I don't think they will make a system that will be hard to develop for

I don't think ps4 will cost any where near $500

and i don't think we are gonna have to wait for next gen games for a long long time after release of ps4 from sony.

A new over haul for psn on ps4 with cross game chat and a new and improved PSN:Plus from day one

Death3403d ago

It's incredible how many people still don't understand market share. Sony never intended to compete with Microsoft or Nintendo. They were competing with previous PS2 sales and marketshare. The PS2 and PS1 owned 75% of the console market with hardware and even more with software sales. They currently own 30% of the same market. That is not good in any way. Microsoft grew from 12.5% to 30%. Nintendo went from 12.5% to 40%. From a purely business perspective, Sony's failures this gen are what allowed a new Xbox and the WiiU to exist.

showtimefolks3403d ago


no doubt you have a legit point, but i don't think sony could have done much when they gave MS a open season with a year ahead start

wii was just so incredible because motion controls and wii sports caught fire and there was no stopping it,

i honestly believe that when sony comes out with ps4 that they will lead in sales from day one and will beat whatever wii-u sales set within a year. I thin son'y downfall has taught them so much that they can't make the same mistakes again.

i don't see sony going after casual market, i think they understand their market better than ever before and its with core gamers who want above everything else killer games

also i am glad ms and nintendo did well because it was time for sony's arrogance to end. they thought they could do no wrong.

PS: ps3 is on track to be the highest selling console of this gen too.

Tr10wn3403d ago

Holy shit they are giving David Jeff another game after what he did with Twisted Metal all that trash talk and low hopes for the game he created?

BullyMangler3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Sony and Micro

imdaboss13403d ago

sony ps3 is selling better then the 360 world wide ..they did make mistakes but they still came on top

3403d ago
kenshiro1003402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The only two things Sony did wrong this generation was the price on the PS3 and marketing needed to be much tighter. Other than that, they were always heading in the right direction.

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Godmars2903403d ago

A former CEO of the console division making a casual comment their competition beat to death?

That and letting MS steal most of the multimedia thunder when their system not only had the most advantages, but Sony itself possessing movie and TV studios. I mean was up and running on XBL before it was playable on the PS3's browser are the app.

nukeitall3403d ago

Which really highlights the main problem, bad management that continue to plague Sony. fire the idiots and get a new team in!

Root3403d ago

So he's trying to say that the reason Sony make exclusives is because they are desperate to find out which game is going to be their next big seller.

They are giving us different genres of games because they want us to experience new games...not because they are desperate to find their own Halo or COD.

Why twist it to seem like Sony have some dark, secret hidden agenda. If one of the franchises becomes a big seller then that's a bonus for them.

EddieNX 3403d ago

That's BS. So you're honestly saying Sony doesn't even care about making money and are quite happy to invest loads of money into New IP that aren't even guaranteed to make any major Return ?

Sony's 100% main objective is to make money. By Making new IP's they're litteraly trying to create the next big thing , which in turn makes money for them.

Sony is in a very dark place right now sad but true. OK the ps3 is powerfull has a blu ray player and you've been getting some new IP's.

Has any of that helped Sony be successfull ? nope , the complete opposite. They've been giving away money , and it's not sustainable .

Hicken3403d ago

OF COURSE Sony cares about money. And NOTHING Root says hints at anything different. Fact is MOST of Sony's IPs DO make money. You can say there's no guarantee, but there seems to be a track record of it, nonetheless.

But they're not putting all their eggs in one basket, like Microsoft or, to a lesser extent, Nintendo. They aren't trying to create the "next big thing," or they'd have that with Uncharted and not bother with anything else. They'd have had it with Jak and Daxter, with Ratchet and Clank. With Little Big Planet. With Gran Turismo. With God of War.

Sony could have taken ANY ONE of those IPs and turned them into THE IP, but they didn't.

Please, continue to do the ignorant thing that seems to somehow have become common sense, and equate Sony's company-wide woes into problems started and perpetuated by the gaming division.

They've made their mistakes, but don't act like they're in some ridiculous state of distress they can't recover from.

Dee_913403d ago

that is so funny hickens
" equate Sony's company-wide woes into problems started and perpetuated by the gaming division"
I was wondering how long it was gonna take for someone to notice this.
Sony losing money so that means the ps3 is doing bad apparently.

how did you get that from anything root said ?
like there should be a reading comprehension test you have to pass before you can sign god

B1663r3403d ago

Um, wait a second...

Are you seriously trying to say that Sony didn't hype to mother effing capsular out of Little Big Planet long beyond the time it was obvious that it was a total failure and had no cultural cache???

I mean to this day they hype the crap out of Sock Boy, and no one even knows who he is...

Trying to make a trade mark out of Sock Boy (which Sony is still doing to this day, even though the effort was a total failure) absolutely reeks of desperation...

deafdani3402d ago

The first Little Big Planet game is one of the best selling PS3 games. Yeah, it's nowhere near the levels of popularity of any given Mario game, but that does not equate a failure.

jjb19813403d ago

The only thing wrong was letting their network get hacked and shutting psn down for 6 weeks. Other than that I love my ps3 and all its services

MasterCornholio3403d ago

I hope that Sony learns from its mistakes and that something like this doesnt happen again. But still Sony has done a terrific job in developing their online network.

Karpetburnz3403d ago

Sony diddnt let the hackers into their network. and PSN was only down for 3 weeks.

Timesplitter143403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I think all the next gen consoles should give up on all the "media center" functionalities (except the basic ones like playing movies and music). They should put all their effort and money into making a game console. No browser, no social network integration, none of this shit.

This was a problem I found with both the X360 and PS3 this gen.

With that said, the PS3 did not "go wrong" this gen. It didn't sell as much as the X360 but that's because it catered to a different audience. One who does not masturbate to Call of Brown and Master Chef every morning

Flewid6383403d ago

I dunno how much of a good idea that is. I use my PS3 HEAVILY as a media center. My girlfriend bought a PS3 just for the apps, divx/mpeg support and blu-ray.

Phones, tablets, PC's etc....devices are put into the hands of more people when common media outlets are available on them. For someone like me who can't afford cable, basic subscriptions on things like Hulu, Netflix, free Crackle, etc are a god-send.

PLUS having tons of games? I see nothing wrong with this at all. Best purchase I made in the last decade.

MRMagoo1233403d ago


"With that said, the PS3 did not "go wrong" this gen. It didn't sell as much as the X360" the ps3 outsold the 360 just in case you didnt know.

Death3403d ago

Neither company has made a statement on this topic. An independent marketing/research company "believes" Sony has approximately 1 million more units shipped to retailers. A similar story leaked in early 2011 that turned out to be false. Sales between the two are extremely close, but it's clear Sony has sold more annually on average with 2011 being an exception. We may get clearification in March when the financial reports are released, but we need to see both companies annuals to get a better idea.