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As Dust 514 moves into Open Beta, a lot of a gamers want to take a look at the upcoming mass multiplayer first person shooter. contributor TheoraCraft is no different. Take a look at the in depth look she had in the recently opened beta.

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Divine2828d ago

i played the beta and i was a bit disappointed in the graphics the gameplay and everything is pretty good and i like the story behind everything. but i think they should wait until ps4 and just up everything

Nitrowolf22828d ago

I'm sure they'll port it to PS4

guitarded772828d ago

Yes... This game probably won't even hit its stride until the PS4. By that time, it should run excellent on the new hardware. If you look at how far the game has come just in the beta phases, this game has a lot of potential. I've played in the beta since day 1 of the closed private beta many months ago, if not a year. If you compare day 1 to today, you wouldn't even recognize it as the same game. MAG had a huge evolution, but Dust will evolve even more with the MMO F2P connection. I'm glad this game got the green light. It's excellent for those who want a deep, deep shooter that plays slow and strategic.

oakshin2828d ago

ive played matches where eve players was raining down the pain but we can shoot rockets back at the eve battleships i like the game becuz its complex it is true people dont use there mics alot in my 5 hours of play time ive only heard this woman chating away 1 time

people that trash talk this games gameplay r simpleminded r just trolls cuz after u buy and invest into weapon and mechanic skills it fells alot like a AAA shooter like i said i only got like 5 hours in the game but how my drone (CHIEF ENGINER FUSSEAL) feels on the battlefield is night-day thinks 2 my kill investments

HammadTheBeast2828d ago

Join a corp to find people with mics. Most people are in corp or squad chat.

oakshin2827d ago

well just got a kick 2 the balls theres a skill point cap set at 20000 points a day i average 2500-3000 per match soo yea not kool this means it will take me months just 2 unlock my dropsuits and mods

Cirran2828d ago

I tried a early beta version but was kinda put off by the graphics. Graphics ain't anything sure but I've seen better looking PS2 games. Not sure if its been updated from then, I shall give it another try soon.

Nitrowolf22828d ago

the thing is, it's in Beta and according to them they'll increase the player count. It's already been confirmed that they have tested 128 vs 128, and they do plan on increasing the current count as time goes on. For a console game that's impressive and MAG wasn't a good looker either.

Either way, your not gonna see that amount of players on a PS2 title looking this good

HammadTheBeast2828d ago

February has a major graphics patch upcoming, although graphics have improved a lot every build. It's not a bad looking game.

r212828d ago

The beta is pretty fun now. It feels like Battlefield 3 set in space :D

sandman2242828d ago

I tried really hard to enjoy dust 514, it's just not for me. I'm sure some people will enjoy it There this game would probably look better on a next gen console.

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The story is too old to be commented.