Japan september hardware sales, Xbox 360 up 98%

The unappreciated Xbox 360 finally manages to defeat the GBA SP and even manages to show the greatest increase in terms of percentage...

THAMMER16348d ago

Looks like the showings at TGS changed some peoples minds up. Good to see.

Eternal E 8086348d ago

i mean i think they finaly see some games they like

NextGen24Gamer6348d ago

Sales actually picking up and doubling in JAPAN....with only a month or so to go before the ps3 launch. i would think everyone in Japan would be saving their money for the ps3 at this time. good to see. And I have a feeling when blue dragon hits the stores we will see an even bigger increase. So at this rate. Come November there will be 100k ps3's sold and 100k 360's sold. Interesting. I think Blue dragaon will boost sales incredibly in Japan. Its the 3rd most anticipated game in Japan across all platforms. Thanks Microsoft.

bilal6348d ago

thats funny.....
Top Gamers & other 360 fanboys stop importing japanese 360s you wont make any significant difference.....

by the way the fate of 360 in japan would be decided when those rpgs are released....

The Milkman6348d ago

What probably got there interest is hearing that more Japanese developers where going to be working on titles for the Xbox 360. Now I mean thats not the biggest number but thats a huge jump. Great job, although the Nintendo Wii and PS3 will sell more at launch over there but progress is always good.