What Sony Could Do With The DualShock on PS4

Will Sony really retire the DualShock with the onset of the PlayStation 4 and the next generation? Or could they down the Wii U route?

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NastyLeftHook02828d ago

make an anti grease formula embedded on every dualshock 4 so the controller wont get messy.

i dunno...-_-

ABizzel12828d ago

If they are planning on adding a touch pad, hopefully they put in where the Select, Start, and home buttons currently are and make that space a bit bigger. Move the select, start, and home buttons to the fold like the Razer Sabertooth since they're buttons you don't use often during gameplay.

Please don't put the touch pad on the back.

On top of that they could add 1GB of memory into the controller so you can save screen shots, or gameplay videos, game saves, and more to the controller, and view them back on the pad.

Unless they can allow you to save all that to the cloud now.

Divine2828d ago

naah i believe sony knows better than to completely change the design of the controller. i love the controller they can put about 1 or to new things but nothing to drastic want them to keep the overall same design and comfort of the dualshock. i actually don't mind if they dont change it at all and just put that money into the ps4 lol

Divine2828d ago

and to say the may go down the route of the wii u is an insult.

gaffyh2828d ago

Actually its looking more likely that it will go down the Wii U route in some way, maybe not exactly, but having a screen on a main controller could definitely happen.

KentBlake2828d ago

If they only make better triggers I'm satisfied. The controller is already great.

Conzul2828d ago

That, and increase it's size by about 10%.
Now THAT would be perfection.

Blackdeath_6632828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

but...the new controller will completely move away from the dualshock design according to sony. there won't be a dualshock 4. i still don't understand why sony is trying to fix something that isn't broken. most playstation fans agree that the dualshock3 is great so changing it is a gamble not worth taking IMO. i hope they at the very least allow you to use the ps3 controller on the ps4 that way i can decide for my self if i want to change. it will be pretty interesting to see the reaction when it is revealed and when people actually use it. i get the feeling that the new controller will probably feel better than it looks, some ergonomic keyboards and mice for example look absolutely crazy but are quite amazing when you actually use them thats why i hope people don't pass judgement too quickly.

Hicken2828d ago

When did Sony say this?

Blackdeath_6632827d ago

well they didn't exactly say so directly but it has been rumoured on various site including this one.
“has undergone numerous iterations, few of which resemble the DualShock” http://www.officialplaystat...


Belking2828d ago

They really need to fix those analogs. That's my biggest gripe with the DS3.

Killzoner992828d ago

Whatever they decide will be amazing. Sony has never failed to impress with their controller designs. I have never had a bad thing to say about any of the DualShocks.

Divine2828d ago

well said my fellow killzoner

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The story is too old to be commented.