Sabotage renamed as Velvet Assassin

In order to avoid confusion with EA and Pandemic's Saboteur, Gamecock and Replay Studios have announced that the new name of Sabotage is Velvet Assassin.

The main character is the resistance fighter and Allied agent Violette Summer (based on the real historic heroine Violette Szabo) who has to infiltrate German military camps in France, Poland and Germany during World War II and sabotate them, eliminate high-ranking Nazi officers, rescue civilian hostages or solve other missions.

Velvet Assassin will be released for the PC and major consoles later this year.

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ktchong4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

because Violette Szabo (the real one from history) was killed by the Nazi. Captured, raped and tortured too.

Bonsai12144758d ago

yeah, i just wikied her. kind of unfortunate if you ask me. hopefully it won't play out like that in the game..

Rattles4758d ago

i wanted to be an angree irish man