America / Others Chart for Week Ending 22nd February 2008

Japan Numbers not in yet

Hardware Sales, 23rd Feb 2008


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pwnsause3891d ago

according to this, its another winning week for the PS3.

gamesR4fun3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

almost tripping over the stack outs of 360's lol

on a related note [email protected] deal on toshiba satalite laptops
got a amd dual core with 2 gigs ram vid card (atix1300) for 740 with tax :D

doh worng reply see below for relevant comment.

pwnsause3891d ago

no HD-DVD built in, if not, good.

gamesR4fun3891d ago

hd dvd still woulda came with hdmi all i got is a s vid out and vga...
still pretty decent little box came with vista (wouldnt sell it without) :( gonna see if i can big up my ol xp home for it. That or dual boot linux till the warranty runs out...

madestar3891d ago

i don't think microsoft is planning on making anymore 360's
thye have to reconstruct their whole console
now that bring sweet music to my ears
i must say ps3 is the come back awakened monster

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DADO3891d ago

There is a shortage of 360s! LOL

blusoops3891d ago

There is a shortage of Wii's. If i can go on Amazon and see that the X360 20GB and Elite is in stock, then there is no shortage. Anyone can get one if they wanted it.

wil4hire3891d ago

BEST BUY - Has elites
Circuit City - Has elites
Amazon - Has elites

Stfu about the "Shortage" try buying a wii.

XxZxX3891d ago

you can't sense the sarcasm? the LOL already tell you.

Milky3890d ago

its like say there is a shortage chocolate in willy wonkas factory.- randomest comparison ever.

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gamesR4fun3891d ago

both hardware and software?
what did ms run out of disks and 360's now?

Brian52473891d ago

Only gunna gain steam with MGS4 bundle announcement.

jackdoe3891d ago

I think the fact that Blu-ray won the format wars and that the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player helped nudge a few people into buying a PS3 as well. After today though, the MGS4 bundle will nudge quite a few people into purchasing a PS3.

sonarus3891d ago

I don't see how any gamer can resist the ps3 package. Last yr the major argument against not buying a ps3 was price which has been taking care off then it was no games also taken care of. Now no in game xmb which hopefully will be taken care of very very soon. What else is there? what else would you want? I honestly don't see how a true gamer can resist the ps3 package.

Lew_Ijgee3891d ago

Bestbuy is selling HDTV bundles with PS3s included. Its only going to grow bigger from here folks.

masterg3891d ago

I think we will see that the PS3 numbers are 25% higher than this when the NDP numbers comes. The Blu-ray effect is bigger than this if you ask me.

marinelife93890d ago

What argument does a 360 fan have to buy an xbox over a PS3?

Games? Not after May and June (GT5 Prologue, MGS4, MLB 08)

Xbox live? Not after Home

Price? There the same after you have to pay for Live service. ($399 PS3 or $349 + $50 a year for Xbox 360)

No wonder more people are buying PS3's. It's reliable and plays
hi-def Blu-Ray disc all for the same charge.

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wil4hire3891d ago

or will they continue it for the rest of the year to save face?

Bzone243891d ago

Don't worry, there's going to be shipments sent out sometime in March. There will be a shortage of wins, at least in the US, for the PS3 for the rest of the year.

moparful993891d ago

This whole shortage thing is total bs. I work at my local best buy that serves a metro area with roughly 500k. Its not a huge metro so theoretically we should recieve less product.. Well we have recieved shipments of 360's ever since thanksgiving. This week we even recieved a large shipment that had roughly 15 360's on it. Now the elites have been non existent. Not that we are selling them, we just havent had a shipment since well before christmas. I cant comment on what is happening with microsoft because I just dont know but if they were making them we should have recieved some by now.....

Real Gambler3891d ago

After all, the 360 is built with relatively simple components. DVD player, relatively plain processor, all off the shelf components. So they cannot justify shortage because of fancy components. Only way would be if some or most of their production is used to replace defective units. So claiming shortage for a long term would simply mean that they have way too many defective units to handle by fixing them alone.

On top of that, shelves in my area are aways filled with 360 and PS3. In fact, if you look at canadian web sites like and, you will see that 360 are available, even if the price went down recently.

So no real excuse. The PS3 is simply outselling the 360 these days.

robbo9183890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

MS is likely pulling Elites to make a new SKU bundle with GTAIV, wouldn't surprise too many of us because they would be smart to milk that $50 million buy of additional episodic content, just as Sony announced the 80Gb SKU with Snake. I can find X360's and PS3's in my town, just not the Elite or the 80Gb, so the shortage theory doesn't apply here at least, or online.

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TheHater3891d ago

WOW, I didn't see this coming. And this is after Gears of War 2 was announce that GDC, while nothing was announce for the ps3 at GDC.

Hydrollex3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Yes Brothaz.

2008 is PS3s year

SCThor3891d ago

so, still buying a PS3.