How To Continue Each of Mega Man’s 7 Series

Capcom seems to think there is either no demand for new Mega Man games or there’s no where else to move the multiple series. Here’s how to continue each of them on the current or upcoming consoles and handhelds.

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Godmars2902831d ago

For the most part, the MM franchises need to be "B" to "C" productions for PSN/XBL, PSP/PSV/3DS, but Capcom is too focused on "AAA" releases.

hkgamer2831d ago

how to continue???
just make games for the damn series!!!

kesvalk2831d ago

i don't know how to continue them, but i am pretty sure is not cancelling every project that has to do with the series.

parkerpeters2831d ago

They need to do a solid reboot of the series, and leave NT OUT OF IT.

What we need is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer with a layers mechanic similar to LBP, that has at least 12 bosses, that is as difficult as the recent "8bit" ones released. It is that simple.

It's EZ to make a Mega Man game. Not hard.
Want to hear the fun part?
(its ez)

BuffMordecai2831d ago

Strip the rights out of Capcom's filthy hands and give them to the original creator.

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