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GodisaGeek: "We reviewed Season 1 a while back and now that Season 2 is here we thought we’d give you something a little bit different and instead of just asking you to read another review of what is essentially more episodes of the same thing, we’d let you sit back, relax and watch some footage of the game along with the review."

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Belking3184d ago

Good score. Have to pick this one up my my little niece.

CommonSenseGamer3184d ago

Wow, seems like you're not allowed to buy kids games for kids. Kinect is ideally suited for kids and these type of games reflect that. I sure don't have a problem with that as watching my kids play is a blast.

SuperSonic2663184d ago

Excellent review, from what is considered the greatest console off all time!!

the xbox 360 delivers experiences that the PS3 cannot simply provide

Games like this, prove that the 360 is in a league of it's own

And that league is, casual soccer mums

RTheRebel3184d ago

why I buy a ps3 when I can play this revolutinary game
uncharted the last of us ni no kuni beyond two souls damnet
oh well enjoy the game 360 fans :)

profgerbik3184d ago

Wait? Was that sarcasm, sarcasm is so hard to sense with text.

SilentNegotiator3184d ago

Wow. Nothing good going on in this comment section.

Why do Kinect game sequels become "seasons", anyway? Do they not think people understand that a number "2" means a sequel to the existing game of that name?

GodisaGeek3184d ago

With Sesame Street and Nat Geo, it's possibly to do with them being "interactive TV shows" it sort of makes sense to be "Season 2"?

SilentNegotiator3183d ago

Oh right.

Well, what do you want me to do? add a GOOD comment among this thread? lol

Cueil3184d ago

nothing will be nearly as cool as the game show they did for a couple of years... that was effing fun

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