CryEngine 3 Presentation at Crytek - New Graphical Features Detailed

DSOGaming writes: "Crytek held a Crysis 3 Community Day, in which Sean Tracy showcased some nice and new graphical features of CryEngine 3 – that will also be supported by the upcoming Crysis 3 game"

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tachy0n2824d ago

all hail cryengine 3 the king of graphics!!

this video is proof of that.

ATi_Elite2824d ago

CryEngine 3 the little engine that could......

StarCitizen, ArcheAge, Warface, Asta, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture are a few upcominh CryEngine 3 titles im interested in

STARCITIZEN is gonna be revolutionary!

Tsar4ever012824d ago

I second that emotion. And also Dice's frostbite 2(*Mass Effect next-gen) engine really show as well as dictate where vidgames graphics are heading towards.

elhebbo162822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

yea.. more lens flare.

tubers2824d ago

Wonder what it was running on.. He's getting ~25-~30 FPS.

Says on the screen DX 11, Very High, SMAA Low.

Pandamobile2824d ago

The editor usually runs 25-40% slower than the game (I've found)

josephayal2824d ago

Dam nice graphics but KZ3 looks better

Ck1x2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

You're crazy if you think that KZ looks better than Crysis 3... On the other hand I really hope that CryEngine 3 becomes the next-gen engine of choice. Unreal is good, but the more games that use the engine, they started having a very similar look to them. It seems that this engine is more developer friendly to customize to ones needs, whether it be for a RPG, FPS or Action game. Omg this engine is amazing! How simplified he was adding vegetation was pretty cool to see in realtime...

Trenta272824d ago

My thoughts exactly! It's annoying :/

HeavenlySnipes2824d ago

It looked better than Crysis 2 in some areas but the Cryengine is doing more in real time. It's a shame that Crysis 2 had such mediocre gameplay and AI. kZ3 was a much better game

tachy0n2824d ago

L0L comparing that SUB-HD, full of jaggies games to a proper PC gaming masterpiece, thats just amazing fanboyism right there.

Tsar4ever012824d ago

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" they say.

True KZ3 looks great on ps3, BUT how DARE YOU even think that the KZ engine on the PS3, can even compare to the cryengine's visual capabilities running on high to ultra settings on a PC. KZ3 visually doesn't even stand up to Crysis 1 on PC, which is about 6yrs old. If gorilla's games were to port KZ's 2-3 on to the PC with upgraded graphics then that's where we could debate which graphic engine capabilities is superior. But to compare a 1st party current gen console game engine against a scale-able PC coded engine is laughable and clearly shows fan-boyish denial.

pixelsword2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Skip to 1:12

At any rate, looks good, we'll see what happens when this is actually a game, though; a part of an engine that's not actually a finished game can change to be a little worse than what is shown, so I think I'll wait before final judgement.

ThatGuy22824d ago

Im kinda disappointed there was no destruction with the plants when he threw in a grenade...

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