A faceplate for people with too much money

You probably already own all Xbox 360 games, all accessoires, have a 50? Plasma decorating the wall and still have tons of money left. Right? At least that's the only reason I could imagine if you want to buy this hot new faceplate one of our dear readers found on the web.

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shotty5904d ago

I want one with my name on it. Who do I have to slap to get one.

soccerstar5904d ago

thats accually pretty cool looking too bad its $300

The Milkman5904d ago (Edited 5904d ago )

Man only if I cared about the looks of my 360 that much. I would be showing it off as much as I could if I payed that much money for just a faceplate. But I dont know how much those crystals are worth a piece to realy know if its a good offer.

THAMMER15904d ago

Just get it air bruched. My old full auto face plate is getting a large silver bullet air brushed on it next week.

If you cant find a air brush guy in you local mall got to a car detail shop the may help as ling as you do not come in there looking all nerdy and lame.

Daewoodrow5904d ago

we actually have a very old air brush machine in our house. I could use that, all I need to do is buy the ink!

Yo Wassap5904d ago

Yeah althouh this was posted a year ago it's still cool

my brother might look into this