Top Browser MMO Games 2013 List Recognizes the Year’s Best Titles, a new gaming website devoted to frank and honest reviews of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) has announced its Top Browser MMO Games 2013 List. This top list is meant to be a useful resource for players who are looking for the latest and best MMOs that can be played on a browser with no software download or installation needed.

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pandehz2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Did you just write an article with a LINK to another page whose main content is LINKED to ANOTHER page or did my browser not load something? Fricking inception

Wish I had approval powers

mmofanatic2831d ago

It's very clearly linked on the first sentence. You know the one that says "its Top Browser MMO Games 2013 List" has the link. I dunno where you went.

Zerotino2831d ago

Well that's rather funny, not only as pandehz said this wasn't even linked to the actual article, but i thought i would take a look into shaiya phoenix game and whats the first thing it asks after registering? 'Download now' Um, kinda beats the point of a browser game.

mmofanatic2831d ago

It's linked on the first few words of the first paragraph.

mmofanatic2831d ago

I honestly did not think there would any problems since the link is right there on the first sentence and it does say "Top Browser MMO Games 2013 List" right there.