I just bought a brand new Dreamcast sealed in the box for 100$

Just bought this bad boy (pictured below). I found it at a local market here in Mexico City for 100$USD. I also got a used copy of Shenmue to go with it

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Bumpmapping2829d ago

Good old Dreamcast reminds me when I got mine.

nzk02829d ago

Hehe, I think I was more excited when I got this one than when I was a kid :P

afterMoth2829d ago

$100? You got ripped off. Paid about $60 for a brand new unit when they were trying to dump inventory.

The_Devil_Hunter2829d ago

I lived in Mexico City for about four months around Polanco district. (I went there to get ACL surgery for cheap) And they have lots of bootleg items in markets or swap meets such as Tepito so in fact it was good you opened it because you could had been scammed. But still a fantastic buy.

zeeshan2828d ago

I'd be one of the first in line to purchase a new Sega console if that were to ever happen. I am a HUGE Sega hardware fanboy!

Knight_Crawler2829d ago

Is this guy a moron?

By opeing the sealed box you just devalued the collectors price by 70% -_-

Now its just a worthless as any other Dream Cast

FlyingFoxy2829d ago

Think about it though, you would be curious if it was fake considering the circumstances, i guess you would have to open it.

nzk02829d ago

Thanks for calling me a moron. However, my goal was not to become rich by selling a mint in box dreamcast.

Picnic2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

If you think that 'any other Dreamcast' is worthless than you don't really value Sega's last console do you? It was a trend setting console (for those with taste) and still is really.

What's wrong with wanting to pay a small amount to play a classic console more than 10 years down the line that's brand new rather than having had 10 years of sweaty use out of it?

That said, most of the games that I happen to like for it have been released on other consoles since anyway. It's a console for arcade game lovers now.

rainslacker2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

bravo nzk0. I'm glad, as a collector, to see other collectors collect because they enjoy the hobby. Too many people assume we do it for monetary gain. I have you beat though...I got an unopened TG-16 and unopened TG-CD unit, both for $125 about 3 years ago at a flea market.:)

I opened it to make sure it worked but kept everything as packed as possible and handled with white gloves. Put it back in the box as I have a Duo but one of my best collector purchases ever.:)

Mounce2828d ago

annnnnd.....You know, Knight_Crawler....what if it was fake? annnd, what if the know...wants to play his fucking console? lol.

You know, what it was made for....playing games on....not for mounting it over the fireplace as a bloody mantle piece.

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lfclee2829d ago

I loved my dreamcast I still have mine and the games .

wishingW3L2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

He could have sold that for like $400 easily but he opened it. -__-

DarkBlood2829d ago

maybe he wanted to own it instead of selling it? lol

insomnium22829d ago

buy it used and keep the 300 dollars of so profit?

rawshack2829d ago

dreamcast gone but not forgoten

HarryMasonHerpderp2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

It had so many great games.
I hope one day SEGA get back into making consoles.

rawshack2829d ago

i was given one by a friend .when even i play on a wii u it reminds me of the dreamcast couse of the screen on the controller .

strigoi8142829d ago

Why did he open that could make him at least $200 richer

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