Why Quake 2 is the Best Multiplayer Experience I ever had.

Philippe Baghdassarian writes: "Quake 2, was and is still, the best muliplayer experience I ever had. Quake 2 was my first competitive online experience and showed me how to bunny hop, rocket jump and 1 shot rail gun people in the face"

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Dark_Overlord2829d ago

Personally I preferred Quake 3 and the Arena expansion :)

nzk02829d ago

I don't think Arena was an expansion...

Dark_Overlord2829d ago

Yep you're right, the expansion was called Team Arena :)

DFresh2829d ago

Quake multiplayer was fun even though it made me dizzy and I sucked at it.
Spamming with the rocket launcher and shot gun.
Am I the only one that thinks the Quake series is probably the quickest twitch based shooter ever besides playing Tribes?
Just curious.