What's Next For Wii U?

Game Informer - The Wii U has gotten off to a bit of a slow start, with the release of new games slowing down to a trickle in recent months. However, Nintendo has plenty planned for 2013. We break down what new games and services players can expect as the second wave of Wii U software approaches.

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Divine2832d ago

enough of this wii u rubbish. they cannot compare to nex gen . or even ps3 the only people that will buy these games are wii u fan boys trying to give nintendo sales it says a new wave like it is going to be a bunch of hits. wii u is for kids .cant wait for next gen

3-4-52832d ago

Nintendo and Wii U are fine.

I wish we had an online stats tracker for how many times people who write articles are 100% dead wrong.

After they drop below a certain accuracy rating or are caught lying or making things up, they are banned from posting anything on the internet for a month.