New GTA V Artwork from GameStop

Two new pieces of GTA V artwork have been spotted at GameStop stores.

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TheModernKamikaze2829d ago

The robbery is from GI Magazine.

Nimblest-Assassin2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Gamestop owns Gameinformer.... so are they stealing from themselves?

Why do you think they try to sell you a subscription every time you go there?

Hydrolex2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

official release date will be announced in less than 2 weeks.

believe me or not, come back to this post and bash me if this doesn't happen

Crazyglues2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Ok so theses say Spring 2013 too... So were getting closer to the exact date..

Spring is = March 21st through June 21st

This is going to be one hell of a gaming year.. :)


TheModernKamikaze2829d ago

You from the future? Whoa dude

animegamingnerd2829d ago

we know almost nothing about watch dogs

_-EDMIX-_2829d ago

I think both games will be great. But I do think WatchDogs will be a step above GTAV upon release being that on PC it will be the next gen of games, but on consoles GTAV will be much better seeing how its a current gen game on every system.

Watchdogs huge, big amazing features I WILL BET MONEY! will be on PC.

1.Its quite clear that its a next gen series.

2.The PS3\360 versions seem to be just mere ports compared to what was shown on PC, NO GAME THIS GEN can do what Watchdogs did on PC, its actually technically impossible.

Watchdogs is a beast in its own right, but that not really fair to compare it to GTAV.

One is a next gen game, one is a current gen game.

(I say this based on Watchdogs for PS3/360 isn't really what Ubisoft is trying to sale. They didn't show the PS3 version or 360 version....they showed the PC version meaning what was seen was only possible on such a machine and what they are selling will clearly be possible on consoles in the future "next gen" and the PS3/360 versions may just be dumbed down versions for profit...again those versions where not shown for a HUGE obvious reason.)

BlmThug2829d ago

I don't think Watchdogs will release this year

PS4isKing_822829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

@Hdshatter Has watchdogs been confirmed for 2013?
What's the release date and consoles it'll be on?

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FlyingFoxy2829d ago

it will struggle for that if Half Life 3 comes out on PC this year.

LAWSON722829d ago

I hope this game actually comes out this spring, it would be the most mysterious big launch ever.

maxcon2829d ago

I wish. I'll be happy with July though.

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The story is too old to be commented.