Survey: Japan PS3 Interest Rising

According to Japanese technology site ITmedia, the PlayStation 3 nearly matches the Wii in terms of consumer interest.

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mithrael_PS35907d ago

well, that's good news for sony... surely tgs made a great impact and changed the impression of people on the ps3... i mean they really did well this year's tgs... waaay better than e3... but still, that's not good enough... convince more people... come on, falling 2nd to Wii by one percent... there's one more event coming... and their launch party on novemeber 8... use those wisely.... and the online network... we need info on that...


achira5907d ago

nice to hear that ! #1 is correct, they must behave wisely, then there is nothing what can stop the success.

Daytona5907d ago

They have a long uphill road ahead of them, but yes, they do have a good opportunity to make it shine. November will be the proof.

Everyone's watching sony, do you hear me?

PS3 Ultimate5907d ago

As I said before, The PS3 will be either #2 or #1 in Japan! ^-^ And keep in mind that with the PS2, they sold more units in the U.S. and Europe market than Japan. So this is GREAT news. I can't wait to play a demo version of DMC4, MGS4,HS,MS,Ninja Guiden Sigma, FFXIII/FFvsXIII,WWE SDvsRw 07 or 08,untitled naughty dog game, RE5 and many, many more! I am truly excited for all 3 consoles though! The more they try to compete with each other, the more better it gets for us gamers!


watching a multi-national company go bankrupt is quite interesting.

zypher5907d ago

you're taking this stuff WAY too seriously. Sony's rise or fall won't benefit you in the slightest, unless you're some secret agent of Microsoft.

THELANDSOFSAND5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

I take this too seriously??

um, you are the sad person chasing me across the boards and harassing me. is the truth about sony and PS3 so scary to you that you need to attack my every comment? is that PS2 not keeping you busy enough with its amazzzzing games?

Secret agent? I think you need to get out more and quit with the paranoia and stalking!

and no, i won't censor my opinion on sony/PS3 to keep your dream from popping.

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