Five Reasons the Wii U will Win This Console Generation

The Wii U has been out just a bit over two months now in North America and its seen a lot of negativity thrown its way. Many claim Nintendo still doesn’t have a clue with the online aspect of gaming. To be fair, there are obviously correct sentiments and concerns to be had on that front. Many worry about the rapidly declining sales, the high cost of the GamePad, the hardware specs, the lack of content, the lack of 3rd party support this quarter, and any copious amount reasons you really want to come up with. If you look at anything close enough, you can always find reasons to expect failure. After all, success is far from guaranteed in this industry. Just ask Atari and THQ.

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nzk02834d ago

A positive Wii U post!?? this is totally unacceptable *sarcasm*

Divine2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

one reason it will not, wii u is garbage.

nintendo fanboys are ridiculous and dont even know they are the reason the wii u will fail and is walking the gamecube line.

the wii u lacks any proper games at the moment and its looking bleak for wii u at the moment because there arent much to look forward to soon. the starving fanboys saw a nintendo direct meant to hush them up about asking for games and the ploy worked. im hearing wii u fanboys declaring best graphics game of the year and all form of silliness because of a dog and pony show nintendo put on in the direct to veil the nintendo fanboys eyes .

the xenoblade 2 game or whatever its called is an average looking game by this gens standards and its being hailed game of the year by developers of the year because of wii u fanboys. people are even saying the devs are way better than square enix and a lot of garbage because they are diluted fanboys.

when are the release dates for these games by nintendo? why would anyone except a wii u fanboy buy any of these games nintendo spoke about.wii u fanboys will be waiting a long time for a lot of games so i dont understand getting excited about games you knew were coming with 2 thrown in with literally a lot without release dates.

everyone knew about the usual milking of mario, mario kart , zelda and others. nintendo is finished. next gen consoles are literally around the corner with better specs and a lot of games.

thezeldadoth2834d ago

ya know, people might love to play mario over and over, but its no different than what you do. You might not play the same franchise over and over, but you are certainly playing the same game over and over. shooter after shooter with different skins, western rpg's the same with different skins. it doesn't matter. some people just love zelda, mario, pokemon, etc... get over it and stop crying.

RTheRebel2834d ago

akuma you made a new account awesome

gamingzen2834d ago

Your smokin crack boy wot loads of games have been announced for next xbox and ps4 you think they are gonna be released with as many wii u games sit down also i suggest you go and play a wii u as if you think its crap you are also saying current consoles are shit too i own all four consoles xbox being my favourite but the wii u is pretty awesome and lately ive found myself playing it a hell of alot more than my other machines

khowat2834d ago

People complain that the wii u (a console that has been out for 3 months) doesn't have enough games. Nintendo apologizes for it and announces 5 new games and gives us updates on 3, and people complain that it was just a ploy to get us to stop complaining about the lack of wii u games *Facepalm*
Seriously though people will complain about the wii u not having games or not having the games they want until the wii u has a library as large as the ps2

The wii u might not win this gen but it's not garbage, I mean it's been 3 months can we wait a bit

xursz2834d ago

Too early to say if the Wii U will win anything. I know some fanboys don't like hearing it but right now it struggles to compete with x360 and ps3. It doesn't have much going for it in the games department plus Nintendo is selling it at a ridiculous price for what is a slightly better 360 with a pad controller.

In a few years it might be a different story but Nintendo better pick up the slack on some new games (pretty telling when all anyone really cares about on the horizon is a hd zelda remake, which doesn't even look great imho) and get on with that price cut which is probably around the corner now, so that's good.

Divine2834d ago

btw this is Akuma's nephew but he wrote this article because we pretty much have the same views on such things

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Jadedz2834d ago

Though I do enjoy my Wii U.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Nah this is definitely a dream- 2 positive Nintendo articles in a row...?

But I'm Cool with it!

Now where is the Army of Kiera Knightley. :(

EddieNX 2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Kiera knigtley ? dude ...... that would be like doing an ironing board.......

But seriously , in terms of Consoles sold , Highest selling game/s , And best exclusives , sure it's in with a shout.

As for gaining Proper third party multiplat support ? That's microsoft's for the taking followed closesly by Sony.

I think the wiiu has a great chance of hitting 70,000,000+ in 6 years. You never know what will happen , Ps4 could blow away both , Microsoft could blow away both and Nintendo could blow away both.

The home console market is not as predictable as the Handheld one.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2834d ago

Ironing boards are sexy? ooooOK

-But who am I to judge I think...
The WiiUgame Pad is Too Sexy.

@ Kingof' & r21 "Funny"

ElectricKaibutsu2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

From the article: "What will begin to slowly surprise people is when the third parties and indie developers begin a slow but steady migration to the Wii U console itself. Outside of being cheaper to develop for than (the) competition..."

Everything else in the article seems at least possible but I don't know about this reasoning. I say that because we've heard this before at the beginning of the last generation. What ended up happening is developers wanted their investments to reach the largest possible video game buying audience which meant they went multiplatform. The Wii just couldn't handle the games that the PS3 and 360 could so it didn't get third party support. The Wii U looks to be on a similar path. That plus third party games don't sell on Nintendo systems. Right? It's been that way since the N64. I don't know why but it just seems to happen.

r212834d ago

What? Kiera Knightley army? Seriously, what? Is this a new ad i've never seen.

killerorca2582834d ago

Although I'm a bit of a Sony fan now, I must admit this article is hitting the bullseye in terms of Orbis and Durango. I sold my ps3 to get a Wii u and can not imagine not having it, it's true. if you don't believe me, buy one for yourself.

Root2834d ago

You sold your PS3 when The Last of Us, God of War Ascension, Sly 4, Beyond, Ni No Kuni are coming out

Wouldn't it of just been better to save up for a Wii U and sell something else so you can play on both games the consoles have to offer.

stuna12834d ago


That is the logical question! But who uses that nowadays!

OT: Sure people are entitled to their subjective opinions, that is where it ends.

To make it easier for those who might get hurt if it doesn't pan out that way! Yes it will win its generation! It is in its own after all.

PopRocks3592834d ago

It's far too early to say that the Wii U will be victorious. We've seen nothing of the upcoming PS4 and Nextbox and until then there is not much anyone can definitively use to back up the claim that any one console will win this generation.

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